SORRY! This is a rebuilding year whether you like it or not!

There is way to many holes in this team to go
anywhere this year.
and our coaching is suspect.

Perfect example is winnipeg, they lost 4 in a row
and they will come back and be inb the finals
because of good coaching.

you don't give a playoff gaurantee in a re-building year

This team has been rebuilding since 2001. When will the rebuilding be completed and the winning start?


No worries there. Just increase prices 25% next year and the accountants will be happy. Besides, the term "rebuilding" implies we had something to start with.

2011 after we have missed the "CUP PER DECADE"loto.

Attendance is down 11%..Fans are sick of 'REBUILDING'

In four short years the once-proud Hamilton Tiger Cats brand has been reduced to a steaming pile of cow feces. For shame.

ya but the computer graphics are neat and we have a great web site...

poor Obie

i dont think he realised he was going to be asked to be the admiral on the titanic.

You will see a new lineman shorty

The only thing we seem to be building is frustration. How long will it be before the quality players we have won't want to be here anymore? There'a a drastic change of attitude needed here and it has to start with the coaching.

What can a meer Ticat Fan do??????

You can reload. You can retool. YOU DO NOT REBUILD!!!

Game 6 of our rebuilding year!


If it's a rebuilding year then why are you bothering to watch lol

I Like to Watch new players. Its like
training camp.

Where does the line form for the playoff ticket refunds?

There is way to many holes in this team to go anywhere this year. and our coaching is suspect
8) I actually believe that our main problem is simply players that are not good enough to play in this league.
The entire O line is pathetic, followed by the no-pressure D line.

Coaching may be a problem, but it is no where as bad as some of these players !!

Year six of the five year plan.

NO it's year 4 of a 5 year plan. We are
going backwards now until we get to 0.
then we bring in a new owner and start over