Sorry this ain't football

...What a pathetic bloody effort from these so-called football players in the first half of football in Cal....I wouldn't pay to witness this junk...There better be some wholesale changes on this team before the next game or I wouldn't blame the paying faithful in Wpg. for just staying home....This is garbage effort from a garbage team... :thdn: No caring and as just being a professional you should expect more....I think the evaluation period is over for this team...start the rebuild in earnest and quit the con-game and bull$hit :thdn:

Mack and the board won't do a dam thing. So MACK and BOARD where are all the talent on this team that you claim is so present. Can't win a game.

This is really tough to watch.I can't imagine how tough it must be to be one of the players who still give a damn and have that kind of effort from your teammates.the worst part is we are stuck with this mess till the end of the season.They should be ashamed of themselves.

It isn't so much that they can't win. .. one team wins so another team has to lose.

But it's what appears to be a total lack of effort that is so troubling. Losing is one thing, getting blown out is something else entirely.

They look like a team playing to get their coach fired, after their coach was fired, which is weird.

Seems to me a total blowup is in order (but likely not until after the season so we'll have to continue to watch this train wreck till the end of the season). Mack's gotta go, at least half the roster, and the entire coaching staff (although I might be persuaded to retain Burke as D/C but not as H/C; but certainly Crowton and Garber gotta go).

All of this +more.Maybe the talent is there but not the character+heart.Mack has been a hard one to get a handle on but I think it's a arrogance thing.You can draft without anyone specifically designated to the job because you know better. You can draft off the wall because you know better.You can blow up the Oline + lose some good vets because you are so good at finding talent.You can hire a OC with no experience because you are just that good.I totally gave up on Mack after his last conference . He started out joking around +I thought you just don't understand how much people love this team . It went down hill from there + when he suggested fans should "show a little more love" it hit rock bottom.HE blamed everyone but himself.

Can't argue with you aulcee.

Please do I feel the need to yell at someone. :lol:

Things are really crappy right now but when you criticize a person at least criticize what they did rather than include things that were the actions of others. You do realize that it was coaching decisions regarding letting a lot of those vets go (ie Kent, Lobo, Khan, Donny O, etc). And coaches choose their assistants so place the blame for the Crowton hiring where it belongs - on LaPolice. And the Bombers do have someone specifically designated to handle the draft.

…I agree blueblood, that you can’t lay all of the blame at the feet of Mack…I saw in last nights game, a definite desire by some players to remain part of this team and others who want to be somewhere else…The coach and gm HAVE to make some tough decisions this week with regard to player personnel…They have to rid this team of a few malcontents…I’ll go out on a limb and suggest that as much as I like Hefney and his ‘previous’ play, it’s time to bite the bullet…His play (for one) was pure crap…Flapping his arms along the sidelines like a lame duck, attempting to make it ‘look like’ a tackle :lol: He’s gotta go…He’s proably one of the ‘crap disturbers’ in the locker room and has been since a coaching decision has led to the release of some of his ‘buddies’…It’s a tough loss but i think we should/could get something in return from a team that wants to seriously take a run at the Cup…J.Johnsons play has been underwhelming at best and just plain stunk last night…That’s just two… I think he could be on the block as well…If we’re going to make changes and start for next year, might as well get it done now…The team looks like it has totally quit…The reason for it should be ferreted out and dealt with…Get on with it Mr.Mack and Burke…The paying fans want to see a CFL team fielded next week, not some facsimile :x

Papa you just hit the nail on the head. That's exactly what it looks like.

And I also agree with you about Hefney. He was for the longest time my favourite Bomber. .. but his 'performance' since LaPo got gassed has been truly abysmal.

This is a lack of leadership, plain and simple! In Macks attempt to get younger, bigger and stronger he over did it and lost too many veterans during the process. Without those veteran players in there to hold the young guys accountable they are nothing more than lost sheep and that is what we are witnessing.

I cannot blame the players (yet), they simply have no direction, and don't appear to believe in the system. That is a "top down" problem.

Bob Irving said something at the end of the post game show last night regarding QB's that made a lot of sense. With Buck starting next week we are going to see if this is a "talent problem" or a "scheme/coaching problem". I'll put my money on the latter!

In my opinion we need an experienced GM, we need an experienced coach (I hope we don't lose Burke as a DC in that process), and we need an experienced OC. The Boards responsibilty is to find the GM, and I sure hope they start looking now before Mack does more damage (ie: give away our draft picks, or "P" off the good guys we have left)

I was a big supporter of Joe Womack when the Riders were hireing and overlooked him. He was the brains behind most of Tillmans successes in the past and would be a very successfull G.M. IMO. Hope he gets an interview at least if the Bombers do decide to part was with Mack.

what a shame given this team was in the Cup final last year.

I agree you can't lay all the blame at Mack's feet It still boils down to the fact that It is his team. I'm not exactly sure who was responsible for hiring Crowton but Mack certainly had control over it. He allowed LaBatte to slip through his fingers + never made a move on Picard. He is responsible for bringing or allowing players to remain who absolutely gave up last night. I stick with what my comments were before. This team is in a woeful state + he is the boss.I haven't been an anti Mack guy but last night was the final straw for me.

LaPolice told the media about running into Crowton, who was an old acquaintance, at a coaching seminar in the States. He said Crowton asked him about the CFL and then they discussed the Bombers' position. He was Lapo's hire. As for Labatte, he never intended to re-sign with the Bombers and just strung the team along. First he turned down extensions prior to the 2011 season. Then he says he wants to wait to sign until the new year for tax purposes. Then he says he left for family reasons. Then he claims it was over being asked to play center and then he says if he was told he would have played guard he still didn't know if he would have re-signed. And if Labatte hadn't dragged things out then the Bombers could have gone after Picard.

Yes I’ ve heard all of that.But if an employee (Lapo )comes to his boss(Mack) + says I’m hiring a guy who knows nothing about the business to do a really important job + the boss okays , he wears SOME of the blame.As far as Labatte goes which story do you believe. He could have gone after Picard regardless of the Labatte deal. Do you deny this team is in deep trouble? Could Mack not foresee that he was hanging Burke out to dry by leaving him no one to rely offensively on but Crowten. Im sorry, that ain’t football.You may not agree about my criticisms but they are just valid and as close to anyone’s guesses about what is going on here.

If Lapo wanted LaBatte to play center why would they go after another center while LaBatte was stringing the team along? As for Crowton, yes Mack would have had sign off on the hire but it was still Lapo's decision. Lapo had months to find an OC with CFL experience and rejected candidate after candidate until he chose Crowton.

And I already said things are bad. My point is if you are going to blame someone for a decision then at least blame the person who made the decision.

Well, I agree with a lot of what's been said, but here's another 2 cents worth.

RE: Bombers vs Stamps - the team came out looking half speed from the opening kickoff. The energy level between the two sides what quite noticeable. You could basically see the bombers as a collective group look defeated after the fake kick TD run. Defense looks fed up with the offense going two and out repeatedly IMO. Still not a fan of Crowton's playcalling but I don't think you can fully blame the bad start on him, Elliott looked terrible in going 5 of 8 and yet somehow not moving the team anywhere, has no mobility in the pocket and the Stamp rush got to him and into his head. Big moment in the game IMO was the bombers opening drive of the 2nd half, the O gets into the red zone, Brink puts a nice touch on the ball to Watson in the deep corner of the endzone and Watson whiffs. If Watson makes that catch instead of settling for a FG again, the O breaks their streak of no passing TDs, at that point making the game 27-7, but I think it helps energize the team a bit, insteade its another disappointment, driving player psyche further into despair. Watson easily his worst game since the first half of his rookie season. Denmark again miss a play make a play inconsistent. Washington handled 11 KO/punt returns - was any of them handled cleanly? Some of the team attitude could be related to the decision to publicly state Buck's healthy but delay dressing him until next week and yet still bring him to calgary and stick him in the press box. If he was healthy, they should've dressed him, even if he wasn't starting IMO.

I'm not a big FIRE MACK! chanter and I've generally understood his offseason decisions as they were, with some exceptions. And I clearly wasn't LaPos biggest supporter. However I'm not a big fan of midseason changes when there are so few games in a season and felt LaPo deserved to finish out the season. The decision to fire him by Mack after a spirited game vs BC, in addition to shocking the fan base, also shocked the players and may have caused them to lose faith in the organization and their attitude/play looks like it to me. I don't think its a coincidence that Johnson took to twitter to voice his displeasure in the bomber offseason with Hefney, and those two are amongst the vets that were being relied on and have underperformed. I feel for Burke who, though he's made some bad calls in his brief time as a head coach, has inherited a mess and it probably would've been a mess no matter who took over as HC in mid season. Now though I'm left to wonder - is this a great team that was underperforming as was the assumption or is this a bad team that LaPo had managed to get to overperform?

I don't think this team has any other option but to start Buck in the next game. The team, the players need something to rally around at this point after 2 brutal blowout losses and 2 heartbreakers over the last 4 weeks. Pierce and the way he throws his heart and soul out there, even risking further injury, could be the thing that helps infuse some life back into the players. I don't think the team can or will rally around either Elliott or Brink or Goltz. I don't think that the team psyche can afford any "see what we got in so and so" or "developing the next QB" efforts this season or we'll see more of the same effort from the team. One blow out is an aberration, two is the start of a trend. They need to do something change the mojo and we may not get anything more drastic than Buck starting behind center again, but that may be just enough to do it.

What a mess.

I could go either way, fire them all or keep them all and just try to add to the mix.

Unless LaPo was the frying pan and Burke is the fire. If discipline and character are at the bottom of this, as they may well be in some key cases, any effort by Burke to sort things out will go down poorly with the problem children. Of course he'll need some people skills to get through this, and I don't know how he scores there.

But yeah, it looks like they need to be "blowed up real good." As kasps has been saying, one hot streak early last season plus Hamilton laying an egg in the EF bought us a GC appearance which really wasn't justified by the quality of the team (see final score) and probably camouflaged the problems. Mike Kelly's gone but the Reinebold comparisons continue.