Sorry Rod

Edmonton leads 12-0 in second quarter. Rod Black makes the reference that there was a shut out last night. ( The Argos) suggesting that it could happen again. I guess he can't accept that the Argos could not score. Well it's now 14-12 Hamilton. Sorry Rod

And doesn't that comment seem hilarious now?!

This thread has been rendered obsolete. :lol:

Too bad Black hasn't

Agreed. He has got to go.

Sorry Rod the noob Argos SUCK

AND WE WIN AGaIN. My ass is soaked but what a game THE STEEL TOWN NETWORK ROD IS HOOKING UP :rockin:

Rod Black is a platitude-spouting, cliche-ridden, Toronto-centred dink with no reason to hold down a job as a football commentator. Other than that, I have no objection to the man. Figure skating is his raison d’etre.

You know.. holding things in is NOT healthy... please feel free to open up and let it all out

:lol: :lol:

catnerb64: must admit things did not look good at that point. I did not see it as a bias against our team.
He was merely raising a question because of the previous night's score. And if I remember correctly he was just wondering out loud if it could happen again. Not suggesting that it would. My guess is that he just wanted to raise the issue as a way of keeping the play by play interesting when the score was becoming lopsided.
I am sure he has learned his lesson though....never make statements like that about any team when there is lots of time left for events to prove you wrong!