sorry not flutie its dejardins

chmal just said it was desjardin

8) Marcel Desjardins is the new GM, just announced on CHML !!!!

There ya go. Straight from the Montreal Alouettes.

Great News ...

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Excellent move! Marcel is a good football man.

OMG: we have someone who will know what he's doing...GASP! :wink:

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hmmmmmm…not a bad organization to copy from. :thup:

can someone inform me to who this guy is? never heard of him :?

where was McMahon's predictions...i'm sure he knew this was coming????

Think this increases Taaffe's chances of coming here in the offseason?

"Marcel Desjardins will begin his fifth season as assistant general manager of the Alouettes. He was previously assistant director of football operations with the organization after his arrival in Montreal in April 1999. Prior to joining the Alouettes, he worked at the Canadian Football League head office in Toronto for five years.

During his stint at the CFL (1994-99), Desjardins was responsible for the coordination of all player personnel related matters, including the Canadian college draft and the CFL evaluation camp. He also managed the CFL’s daily transactions and ensured all player contracts submitted to the CFL for registration adhered to the Collective Bargaining Agreement. He regularly was in contact with the CFL member clubs, as well as the player personnel offices of the NFL, NFL Europe and Arena Football League with respect to player movement.

With General Manager Jim Popp, Desjardins is responsible of the smooth day-to-day management of the football operations side of the Alouettes. He is also in charge of contract negotiations, scouting the NFL and NFL Europe training camps, CIS Football, as well as a number of NCAA bowl games. He coordinates the team’s training camp in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu each year. In 2001 and 2002, he organized the CFL’s evaluation camp for the 40 top-rated Canadian players eligible for the CFL draft.

Among Desjardins’ day-to-day responsibilities are several salary cap related matters, team travel, player related administrative issues (insurance, pension, government documents) and office administration. He also communicates regularly with the CFL office, other CFL teams, the CFLPA and player agents.

Desjardins earned an Honours Bachelor of Commerce Degree with a specialization in Sports Administration from Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario. His experience in the sports industry prior to joining the CFL office includes tenures with the Sudbury Wolves of the Ontario Hockey League and the Canada Games Council.

Born and raised in Burlington, Ontario, Marcel is fluent in French and English, having attended École St-Philippe in Burlington and École Secondaire Georges P. Vanier in Hamilton. Along with his brother Philippe and sister Monique, the trio grew up as die-hard CFL fans and regularly attended games at Ivor Wynne Stadium. He and his wife Michelle (nee McIntyre), also of Burlington, have been married since 1996. They reside in Montreal with their dog Molson."

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thanks earl!

Great a Burlington Boy Comes Home..

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No prob, good solid background and experience for a fairly young guy.

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Sounds perfect!!!!!!

Having worked so closely with someone like Popp is excellent.

Re the Lumsden as GM rumour: Some people have no clue about the essential premise that you never take thirdhand info because, unless it is the goddess Shiva, you don't know where that hand has been.:wink:

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