Sorry Mr. Black I cant back you on this one.

I am sure you all know That I have always backed the refs here on this forum but I cant with this answer in the Ask the ref section.

Tuesday, November 1, 2005 - 12:30PM

The officials were criticized for a chop block call last Saturday in the Montreal at Ottawa game.

The chop block rule states:

"Chop blocking means contacting an opponent at or below the knees at the time that opponent is already being engaged by another player, with or without actual physical contact."

In the play last Saturday, the defensive tackle was advancing on the Ottawa centre who was retreating in a pass blocking stance (therefore he was engaged, without contact). Then he was hit at the knees by the left guard. Therefore we have a chop block.

This call was correct.

George R. Black
Director of Officiating
Canadian Football League

Engaged with out contact??????????
By that definition everyone on the field is engaged with out contact!!!!!
Does this mean that I cannot dive in front of a defenders knees to take him out of the play because he was engaged with out contact with the ball carrier?
I agree that it is written that way in the rule book but geez!!!!

Maybe they are try to pervent knee injuries, but I agree, mate, that makes no sense. But I'm sure there is a reason for it, but I'd be buggered if I knew what it was.

He choked??? :roll:

seems like lately Mr. Black has been backing up his refs no matter what, where at least earlier in the year, there were a couple mistakes made, and apologies offered. I don’t think anyone expects perfection, but if they admit that they make the occasional mistake, people would have a lot more respect for them. I’d even be more willing to give them the benefit of the doubt when they say they did make a correct call when I thought they hadn’t. Until then, not so much.

Actually the rule the way it is written is right. I'll explain... When you line up opposite an O-Lineman (or D lineman), you are prepared to take on that player. When the play starts, you are ready for contact with that player, and if one of the linemen beside that player chops you, you have no time to react, even if you haven't physically made contact yet. On top of that, chances are the player chopping you will hit you in the side of the knee(as was the case in the MTL-OTT game), increasing the chance for injury. If the player in front of you comes with a chop block, you see it coming, and have a chance to get your hands down and your knees in a position to take the hit.

I agree with you.

Me too

Now let's change the subject.

Yesterday, I was watching the TV, sitting in a bean bag chair, naked, eating Cheetos....

on second thought, let's counutie t talk abou this rule.

That put a interesting pic in you minds, didn't it! :lol:

Sounds logical…I could agree with that…

The call actually was made to coincide with Mr. Black's babble on the web site. When at any other time have you ever heard this called against anyone????