Sorry Marcel -- Your not a leader

So far I have heard only one strategy from you......and it is not is a four letter word....COST

Every excuse for giving up great players, i.e.. DJ Flick, Cheatwood etc....has been "Now we are in a better position for the salary cap"

Well, I congratulate Marcel you saved BOB $$.....but at what COST??? You have no support from many and have lost many many paying fans because of your poor decisions.

So I ask you which $ is worth more to the bottom line?

earth to u know anything about free agents? and draft picks? they are usually used to fill in roster space and to develop stars in this league at a cheaper cost then some of those older veterens that we have recently released/traded..calm down, its early and our GM knows what he is doing

It will take until April 1 or so to see any inherent logic to the trade. The FA period, draft, and recruitment have to point to something better than what the paper value of the trade is at the moment.

Jury's out. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Sorry "TobyandBetty," you're not a very good speller.

did anyone expect the cats to make it deep in the playoffs this year?....i don't

i think they will win 6 games this year, and then make the playoffs in '08.

with as many changes as they are making now, theres no playoff chance for '07!

be realistic people...this is a re-building year, like it or not!

I think the divine drummer has it RIGHT …

This is DEFINITELY part of a LONG TERM strategy … if ANY FANS are thinking about Grey Cup in '07 - THINK AGAIN.

To go off HALF COCKED about “FLEECED this”,and “DUMPED that”, and “give me my money back” - is just looking for a reason to MOAN …

MANY of you just can’t COMPREHEND how SYSTEMIC, and entrenched the LOSING ETHIC was in this ORGANIZATION. For the past three, or more years this TEAM has been GOING NOWHERE …

It will take TIME for the new regime’s work to bear fruit … I, for ONE, am genuinely INTERESTED and EXCITED.

Speaking DIRECTLY to the trade for Butler. The move just tells me that Marcel is CONFIDENT in his coaching staff. The feeling must be that Charlie can bring the best out of Rocky’s RAW TALENT.

Keep it up, fellas !


I maintain that we were ripped off, but if I have to sacrifice this season for a winner the next, I'll do it.

I have liked every move Dejardins has made up until now... and I maintain that he's doing the right things... but I cannot say I agree with this move.

TobyandBetty...relax and enjoy. Change is good especially after a dismall season like last year. We have to free up $$$$ for the FA period. Stay tuned....

Well said cuckoobird and others with this line of thinking.
Believe me, if we had to keep a Flick or Smith to win and build a strong team over the next few years, this trade and other players being released would not have happened. And, also as said, the cap is another factor now, just like we see in the NHL and NFL.

I look at it this way, Everything is happening for a positive purpose and if it doesnt people will just not support some who is ripping of the hamilton people!

This move has to be so they can sign Thewell from B.C. with FA money.

exactly...thelwell is a ticat!

Whether you agree with the move or not is a moot point - only time will tell if this was the right thing to do.

Bottom line is this - we stunk out last year, and the past 5 as well, for sure. Time to makes some changes.
It's really a crapshoot - sometimes you win; sometimes you lose. But if you sit still, you will have taken 2 steps backwards.
You can't win in this game. If you KEEP the players, and lose, people will jump up and say "How come we didn't makes any moves in the off-season?'.
If we TRADE the players & lose, people will jump and say: "Why didn't we KEEP those vets?" .

You have to trust the Management, & let them do thier thing. Your responsibility is to support the Team, & come to the Games.
Nough said..

The Eagle :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Hey, we need a big change in personal, if we want a big change in the win/loss numbers.... The last group of players have not been getting the job done, not for a long while... So, I for one want some big changes made, now to wait and see what's next, and how the new group will perform..... I think our new coaches know what they are doing, time will tell...

You guys will love Thelwell

Marcel you said you were going to do what needed to be done to turn this around. Loyalty to the team and community is out the window. This is football and a business. Good guys finish last. Bring back winning football to the steel city. :thup:

After much deliberation about all the off-season moves we've made so far it's pretty easy to think we're just throwing away the up coming season. However, Mr. Desjardins sounds confident with his comments about finding new players. He's right when he says that it seems like we got burned on the trade because we lost two name players, but he seems to have a plan.

As of this moment I'm not the biggest Rocky Butler fan , but if he comes in here and plays well, I might just be his biggest fan. When was the last time we had a GREAT QB? Probably Matt Dunigan, but he only lasted 5 games. Winning would cure everything so I'm willing to wait it out. But if we start losing games by 40 pts over and over again like last year, then there will be hell to pay.

Someone mentioned that this will be a rebuilding year, I'm not so sure. Things change pretty fast in the CFL. Anyone remember our record in 1997? 2-16. How about our record after we got Ron Lancaster, Danny Mac and Darren Flutie in 98? Oh right, we went to the Grey Cup and lost on a last second field goal.

Now I'm not expecting that kind of drastic improvement, but I'm willing to give this new management team the benefit of the doubt for now. I'm not fussy on getting draft picks or picking up other team's third string guys, but if it works out then all of us fans will look like fools and Mr. Desjardins will be having the last laugh. But I don't think he'd be giving the fans any "I told you so's." Remember, he's an employee of the Ti-Cats, he wants to make this team into a winner. Actually, that's what we all want.

As of this moment I'm not the biggest Rocky Butler fan , but if he comes in here and plays well, I might just be his biggest fan. [b]When was the last time we had a GREAT QB?[/b] Probably Matt Dunigan, but he only lasted 5 games. Winning would cure everything so I'm willing to wait it out. But if we start losing games by 40 pts over and over again like last year, then there will be hell to pay.
It amazes me how people still manage to take cheap shots at Danny McManus.

I wasn't taking a shot at Danny Mac, he had an amazing first three years here, but his last 5 left weren't the greatest. I always liked the guy, but I wouldn't call him a great Ti-Cat QB, he reminded me too much of Mike Kerrigan. Very streaky, if he was hot, he was great, but if he was cold, he threw picks in bunches.

I've gotta think that he probably has an idea of what he's doing. It could be one of two things I think, he's either going to replenish the team with young unknowns who will play for much less then the "established" players who are leaving. Or, he'll wait until right before camp, and sign an influx of these cap casualties that are showing up throughout the league. From the time they are cut, the players that are being dropped from teams due to cap space are going to be lobbying to other teams to get the same money that they were making. The problem is, that ALL the teams are doing the same cap dumps at the same time, this poses a problem only until a certain point, and that point is roughly mid April, at which point reality kicks in to those players that the money they were making simply won't be available to them at this time. That's where Marcel comes in to give them an opportunity to keep playing, and a chance to earn that salary back through their play...but at a portion of their former salary.

Genius?...or madness...time will tell.