Sorry JM02, Roughy and Billy lump of coal from Shivers!

Well, after Roy Shivers tried everything to get the talented Ottawa QB by offering a variety of packages, Kerry Joseph has decided to stay a long time in ottawa agreeing to a 5-year 2,000,000 deal. That's a whopping $400, 000 a year which would definitely put him in the top 5 salaries in the league and I for one, feel that he deserves it.

Give Roy credit for trying to lure him away, but it just didn't work out and in the end he signed an extension which showed that he wanted to stay in Ottawa.

.....something tells me ol' Roy will be just comfy with what we've got now.....we're doomed.....

Unfortunately you are correct however, the Lions are having problems out in the coast. Will Dave look at the Riders now that Ottawa is not an option. The Bombers still have uppper management on the bubble so no FA's will take a chance there but a trade is possible. Could Milt Stegal become a Lion! Any way yes Shivers is losing options and maybe this is just the excuse he needs. Just maybe if he brings in some good receivers that can catch the ball Crandell maybe your only option.

I wonder if Holmes can throw?

It would be nice to get a guy like Buck Pierce, I see a lot of upside in him.

...look for the Bombers to make a pitch for Dickenson....if they can sign him....= instant contender... :wink:

I've heard some good things about some college kid down south.... I think his name is Leinart.... plays in california somewhere..... he might have some talent.... :slight_smile:

Too bad he'll sign somewhere for like 400 million bucks a year, well, not that much but compared to what anyone here can offer, it might as well be that big of a difference....

If we don't get anyone else, Butler should play, and either sink or swim. Keep Crandell as a mentor, and pray that Shivers finds some receivers that can catch anything thrown within 5 yards of them, and break 5 tackles per play. in your imaginary you think the Stamps offered so much security when they signed a couple of fa' you think they were looking at the last place finish of the previous years....did they look at how stable your team and ownership ( was...NOOOOOOO....they were most likely looking at the fact Henry was going to be the QB. and so with that in mind.....a QB. signing like Dickenson by the Bombers would be very comparable and definitely result in ...INSTANT does that grab ya... :smiley:

I think red is still choking on his nut's..

it appears Dickenson could be on the outs in BC........the only teams looking for a qb are the Riders and Bombers.......could be a trade brewing, BC could use some help on the o-line.....

.....we could afford to lose a couple o-linemen, so long as it meant getting a decent QB.....of course, there's a double-edged sword there - Dickenson is made of glass, and needs the solid o-line to keep him up our guys could prove counterproductive..... guys are factory for oline men, its well worth with risk, roy should be all over this one, then again DD would look good in blue & gold.......

Agreed - it is well worth the risk. It's not like the Riders have anything to lose.....and yes, Roy should be all over this one, but I'm more than willing to bet he is instead "all over" a craps table somewhere in Vegas instead.....

well he tried to get Joseph, which btw I dont think was the answer for guys, we have to compete with the money bags out west and that means breakin the bank, but not in vegas........

Now be nice. The fact is the ownership group that brought Burris to Calgary was the reason for FA's finding Calgary attractive. Would you go to a job know that the guy that is hiring imaybe gone very sooon get real and wake up. Why would Copeland say this it was not me saying this. Do the Bombers have $500,000 to pay fo Dave. NO If the team had the Aspers as owners then yes that is why I said I would be a believer. Again you bring the Feteriks up they had nothing to do with Calgary's turn around. And yes many FA's stated that as long as the Feteriks owned the team they would not sign with Calgary. Copeland was on record stating this fact. Burris stated the same thing so what juice are you drinking my friend. I will get the last laugh at you Pappa oh yes I will.

PS read the other thread it looks like you guys can not even afford Glenn say hi to your new QB Nealone Greene ha ha ha ha

Good Stuff, let's hope that Ottawa pulls their heads out of their butts and wins the cup in those five years.

Dave Dickenson will not be with Winnipeg or Saskatchewan and not for money reasons. Buono wont trade with a team in his own division. If Dickenson goes he will be a Toronto Argonaut unfortunately. Allen would be gone and if you think that the Argos wouldnt do such a thing then just look at how they let Mookie Mitchel go when he had a chance to break the Argos all time receptions and receiving records. The only way DD goes to Sask or winnipeg is if Toronto turns around and trades him which wont happen because DD will make sure there is a no trade clause similar to the one he had in BC.

.......roughy fans, you can't blame roy for not trying.......according to Eric Tillman the deal on the table was Joseph for Greene / Gordon / two '06 Draft picks and an O-lineman of Ottawa's choice..........the deal would have gone down if the Gleibs hadn't made the contract extension.........

Ah redandwhite thats blame Shivers he had lots of time to try this deal even after he knew he was not getting the apple and the road map. Besides Shiv likes the team he has how much effort was really there. Even in failure it gives him an excuse.

Shivers tried but it didn't go through. But he can't stop trying because of one failed deal, he has to look for the next possible deal to land us a real quarterback and not sit and be happy with the third-rate quarterbacks that we had last year. He's also got to learn from the mistake he made with Burris last year and make sure that whichever quaterback he lands knows he is the starter and nothing will change that.

I will give Roy credit though, I have more hope and expectations of this team then I did 5 years ago when Al Ford was managing it.