Sorry Hamilton Love to see you win the next one NOT!

Well Hamilton fans I really would like to see you win another one. But not this week. Not going to happen. Where the heck has Zeke been have not heard his name lately.

you better Hope you have the players to stop Lumsden :slight_smile:

and lets hope we have the players to stop Reynolds and Ralph and Rambo and Copeland and Lewis and Burris and hell even Teyo Johnson

Yeah, Lumsden was awesome...that guy's a machine.

But r & w - I think you're getting a little too confident/cocky...might wanna watch that. It could come back to bite you.

Go Cats!

I'm rooting for Hamilton next week :slight_smile:. I really think Hamilton is a very strong team this year and I hope for the best for them (except when they play the riders).

Truth be told, they are my favourite East Division team.

I think Everyone is a Hamilton fan this year, for at least every game not involving their own team. They just need to eliminate the drops in the passing game, introduce some better schemes on D for rushing the QB, and they'll be able to compete with anyone in this league.

Do not be so cocky hey!

You do realize Crehan is their DC right. How many times yesterday did you see the Cats defense get burned by a big play. Sound familiar. Yes the Stamps got burned so many times with his defensive scheme it was a joke.

Hamilton's defence is their weakness, I think everyone knows that. But they have a lot of young players in their first or second year. The D is way better than it was last year, which was better than it was the year before, and is just a hair's breadth away from becoming "good". They were almost good enough to beat Saskatchewan, the Grey Cup Champs and the #1 team in the CFL right now.

Hamilton's defensive problems started the day they fired Don Sutherin. Creehan is returning them to respectability.

Hamilton is literally the only other team in the league that I like, and I am happy they are getting the ship turned around. They have the pieces to have a chance to win any given game, they remind me of the riders from about 4 or 5 years ago in the sense that they have the ability to win any game but aren't favored to win against the top tier teams. A few more key peices and you will be one of the dominant teams in the CFL.

You still need a real offensive co-ordinator, another receiver, an end, and a couple quality guys in the secondary and things will go well for you I think.

If you look at the grand scheme of things I still think this year that you have a chance to finish first in the East considering who you are playing against.

I think a playoff berth would make the fans happy. Big Dave you may like Crehan but his style of coaching gets old very fast and his defenses are very predictable. Good luck however.