Sorry from Bomberland

As a Bomber fan, I am apologizing for the comments made against the Als on your forum, and the over threading on CFL Talk. You can understand that were fusterated, more with the refs than you team, but enough is enough.

Sorry from Bomberland.

KK you're too much of a good sport ! I'm sure in hurt you in real life :lol: Dont worry thought, i'm pretty sure nobody took it personnal.

Thing is, were very ticked off at the refs, which also messed with you guys as well, remember that bad call on the TD? Don challenged and got a penalty of 10 yards for it as well! and the bad call! you guys scored in the end, but still, bad reffing.

I would love to know why the refs tagged the don 10 yards for challenging the call.

What's up with the Ti-Cat logo?

No harm done. You guys were understandably upset after losing three O-linemen in a blowout and being the victims of some suspect officiating. It happens. It’s a new week of CFL football and all is forgiven. :wink:

His assistant coach actually got the call.... cause he picked up the flag that was already thrown to trow it further on the feild!! Come on!
It's pretty obvious that the catch WAS a touchdown. They said he didn't look like he had possession. WHAT!! it was straight in his hands!

What George Black said in a 30 minutes conference call aimed at defending his refs, was that Watkins did not hold on to the ball long enough for it to be called a completion. He did not argue the ball wasn't in his hand... just, not long enough.