Sorry from a Rider fan...

That fumble call with 2 mins left on Palmer was a fumble and the Ref's screwed you guys over.....i assure you i had nothing to do with the refs being paid off lol.....

IMO, the man's knee hit the ground, then,
the tackler's right hand hit the ball out, g2b.

Suitor didn't see that right hand come across
when he first started telling us what happened.

He has always been very stubborn
about changing his initial opinion.

Suitor was in the tank for the Argos, it was clear to me his knee was down. Speaking of good/bad calls, sask had a td atleast 2 out of 3 times on the 1 yard line.

It was so “clear” that you needed multiple views of slow motion replay to see the specific moments of when knees touched ground and arms smacked ball out…

I was wondering why Suitor didn’t continue with the fact that the ball was already leaving Palmer’s hands on the transfer before knee hit ground/hand slashed arm… He had mentioned it once before.

But that’s a bloody tough call to make. Ref’s get bashed too often, no one on here would’ve enjoyed being that zebra.

Seems every week the officials even with the benefit of instant replay don't always get the calls right.

That being said, the Argos have to play better to win...they dropped too many passess, they refuse to run the ball (yearly problem) & they can't stop the run.

The officials did not beat the Argos last night.

I agree, Joseph looked really bad in the 2nd half (a lot of low throws on the ground) and the O-line provided almost no protection

Agreed with both... I do feel that Joseph and the Argo's were much better in the first half... unfortunately...