Sorry for all this complaning

Sorry for all this complaning about players and coachers, they arnt really bad, they ARE REAL GOOD PLAYERS, and have so much talent, im just mad that they are losing, and I really want them to make the playoffs. :frowning:

Yes I want that too! I'm from Germany so I can hardly watch the games.Everytime I visit the site and see the bad results they make I get sad because I can't understand why they just lose. They were so god last season!

Do you know the playoff system in the CFL??? tHE lions could finish fourth and still make the playoffs. But right now i believe they still have time to turn things around.

Don't appologize, you haven't seen complaining til you've gone through this Blue Bomber navel contemplation that we've had this year...
One of the most disheartening fan expressions I can remember.

You have no idea how pissed I am right now, but I still defend my Lions! I am literally numb at this point and the first person who makes a negative comment about my Lions will get a free ride to the emergency ward! LOL not really but don't push it! the stress meter is orange close 2 red!

You're getting that stressed over a game? :?

Well we can complain and blow off a lot of steam but it comes down to the guys on the field. Either they want it or they don't and anything we say does not matter. Hey I am annoyed but I don't wear the uniform when it is game time. My feeling is they don't want it!!! So changes will have to come before next year.