Sorry folks

I must apologize for my outbursts on the board. I too like many of you is frustrated at seeing another season go by without the Cats in the playoffs. But I will stick by this team through thick and thin and
will not resort to any more outbursts.

It's ok to be frustrated. It means you care about the team. I'm pretty frustrated myself, but I realize that if I am this frustrated, the player must be way more frustrated than I am. We have a lot of guys who are serious competitors and I can only imagine how hard they are being on themselves right now.

It stinks to be in the position we are in after such a good (and unexpected) start to the season, but all is not lost. I know we are good enough to come back from this and host a play-off game.

Hey, outbursts are expected in Tigertown. We were talking to Dave Stala during the Autograph session and we were telling hm that when we're hurling insults and stuff at the team, it's not because we hate them, it's because we care so much and want them to win. I think he was suprised by that, but really it is true when you think about it.

Bob Young is on record saying that this is the place to vent.

Emotional repsonses are expected after games like that.

OK you’ve posted that on THREE threads now. We know you got a PM and are upset about it. The thread was locked because people were taking “joking” shots at some players. There is your answer

I'm not psychic or anything, but that's the only reason I can see for it being zapped.