Sorry...Casey it's time to say goodbye to you.

Wrong. You wouldn't know a good quarterback if he threw you a perfect spiral.Casey`s the one who will lead this team out of the wilderness.

i'm afraid that if porter starts the next game and printers is the one sending in the plays, he'll be working from the last games plays (on his wrist).

i can hear porter in the huddle now "pump fake fumble on two, break"! :smiley:

The more it makes sense. I had high hopes for you Mr.Printers, you did have your 1 game where you played well in Toronto, but since then you have done nothing. Seeing both your backups come in and out perform you is disgraceful, especially when one of them is probably making the league minimum. I was a big Printers fan when he came here, and I still am, but we can do so much more with that 500K. My vote right now goes for cutting Printers and going into free agency with alot of spending money. It's the only way this teams going to win.

I say give porter the start the next few games, if hes consistent get rid of printers and have $500K spending money.

how many players could we sign for that money? i'd say trade him to toronto for their 1st pick. then we'll have the top 3 picks.

to obie they're like gold.

Don't give Porter his first start in B.C.

welcome to the darkside :twisted: :wink:

2 things...

  1. I agree dont start Porter next week.... its a disaster waiting to happen.

  2. Doesn't matter how much money we have in free agency, nobody wants to play here.

BC would give Stanley Park for Casey. :lol:

Start Porter....back him up with Richie, and BENCH Printers.

Thats what I would do, plain and simple.


Remember Timmy Chang's first start against Toronto IN Toronto?


Dont do that to Quinton.... the game is not worth shattering his confidence.

Casey had one good year (2004) Nothing since then.

Casey was done long ago, folks. Time to face reality and get rid of him. He is becoming a distraction.

"Both you guys...have no idea...Did you see the horrible protection?...Did printers not engineer a TD last night...when Casey scrambles you think he always wants to...?? what QB doesnt want to sit back and throw and pick apart the defense?...Where you guys at the game?...Did you not see the blocking schemes change in the second half?? Too much heat thrown Casey's way....I think he is trying to hard because he is trying to impress idiots like you guys...and he wants to win the fans over....I stand behind Casey all the way...always have always will...know what it is like to be the man behind the center...being the most important position on the field"

I think you're the idiot!