Sorry Calgary

Our unproven, new players are better than your unprove, new players!

Ahhh, its that time again! LET THE TRASH TALK BEGIN!!! :smiley:

i was never good at the trash talking. im just happy im not going to be the only one watching.

I won't be watching, I don't get TSN2...
Buuuut, I will be listening on the radio!

Morley looks great but Dixon ain't got it.

BC looks decent for a pre-season game.

Good to hear JJ is healthy this year. I think BC will be on top in the West if their QB's are healthy and consistent.

..."derp", said the Stampeders

Calgary didn't run the ball, Reynolds had one touch and took it 19 yards... and didn't go to any of their money receivers more than once... so hard to tell what BC's defense is really like.

BC has no offensive weapon besides Simon. Kamau will get a spot for sure.

Calgary's oline is awful so is their defensive backfield.

Lulay looked great. Morley really stood out.

Carlson, Taylor and Collins were awful.

I'm enjoying this game despite all the dropped passes and missed assignments. Sinopole looks good and should've looked better but for a couple of drops. He definitely looked comfortable back there. Steve Gachette was in before him and looked bewildered.

it was a tough watch for me. but really, soo many rookies working together. guys we will never see again. its what makes it fun. i feel the starting o line will be pretty good. but might not have a lot of depth. a shutout is a hard pill to swallow, even in pre season. IMHO Steve Gachette was the weaker of the contest between him and sinoppili. but, it seemed B.S. (haha) had a few more chances. he just looked a little more comfortable then Steve Gachette. But perhaps once he adjusts to the canadian game, he will be fine. good job BC. I was hoping to see there harvard boy get some more work, but maybe he wasnt able to get open. congrads BC. hope this is not a sign of things to come this season.

I wouldn't worry about Calgary playing like this for the rest of the year. That's too good a team to completely collapse like this. It'll probably win the conference again. B.C. looks much improved, but Calgary so obviously not on the A game kinds of taints the Lions' win a little.

And by the way, The Top Ten Craziest Moments in CFL History is GREAT! I hope they show it again.

I'm surprised even 9000 souls showed up. The ratings for this game must have been atrocious. But that's just because of the unfortunate timing. It's good to know at least one Vancouver team knows how to win.

I didn't watch a second of the game but I like the 24-0 score.

Hell yeah! :smiley:
I'm surprised there was that many points scored considering the weather and its the first preseason game.

There were that many people there? Did they count people twice?

The weather certainly didn't help. That was quite a downpour in the first half.

BC looked not too bad especially the offence under Lulay in the first quarter. Calgary has some question marks this year. It will be interesting to see if Chris Jones is going to have to alter his defensive strategy or not.

I'm just surprised that beating Calgary 24-0 in a preseason game would cause so many people to riot.... :?

I watched it as not everyone is into hockey.
A CFL X game sure beats boring cycling and play against the boards hockey.

I watched both....but would never in my life waste time watching golf or curling...that would be enough to cause a guy to riot

One thing I liked a about last nights broadcast was labat using the old know when to draw line comerial.... You the man cool guy... See you at the beach. I have not seen that on regular rotation since 2000. Fun times

Even though it means nothing in the standings, it's great that TSN has decided to show the X games.
I can't get enough of the CFL after the long off season.

I just wish they wouldn't let the local colleges do the filming. Man, that was terrible. :lol: