Sorry , but we're the best team in the CFL!

Being disappointed in a team that you are convinced is going to forever disappoint you must be a tough gig.

Lost to them @Cal in 1986 and 1999 too.

Best part is there’s no direct correlation between the regular season game in Calgary and our chances to win the Grey Cup

Being disappointed in a loss because of raised expectations (but saying expectations weren’t warranted because they aren’t really that good a team at the same time) is a bizarre take.

Did you even read my original post or did you just get excited because you could disagree yet again with a poster? My point was they lose games that they clearly had the advantage and should have won.

This has nothing to do with the current team and record, its about a consistent penchant for dropping the ball (literally) and losing to the same team or in the same way year after year.

Woooo! The fan base is so heated about a 1 pt loss and a 9-3 record.

I think most of us are convinced that the East Final will be played at the donut box.

Now we need to see if the team has developed enough to win the Grey Cup. Right now we appear to be half a step back.

Yesterday, confirmed that we have work to do but we have the nucleus. I don’t think we self destructed- all turnovers Calgary made a play on defence.
We need to show up for 4 quarters. With a little more creativity, we could have won.

Loss is good for us- Coaches will have to go back to the drawing board.

You choose to read them.
You choose to be fan.
You can always choose to stop doing both if it causes you so much stress.
Constant complaining isn’t the remedy.

The record indicates the Cats are still the best team in the league. 10-3 after this upcoming weekend!

Despite the injuries and adversity.

No reason we can’t win the next 4 games.

Far as I’m concerned Calgary was lucky to pull off that win and they know it! They will fear us next time!

Especially if we play good for three quarters instead of just two.

Championship teams fear no one. Even if we made that last field goal; Calgary still had enough time for a winning field goal. More often than not they are successful, even against top teams like ourselves and Winnipeg.

Their coach and Qb have done this so many times; its second nature.
We have a rookie coach and rookie Qb; even with Masoli, he wasn’t very good with game winning drives.

No. He wasn’t. Much more promise with Evan’s!

Lets not go nuts here.
CAL choked away a game of their own three weeks ago vs MTL in far more glaring fashion than HAM.

And yet the sky didn’t fall when that happened.

We almost beat Calgary after giving the ball away 4 times. Our rookie QB had his worst game and we almost beat Calgary. We were missing Breaux, Tasker and STE - and we almost beat Calgary. We don’t need to win every game, we just need to win the last one.

I’ve never felt better after a Ti-Cat loss.

As usual, some convenient facts being left out here.

We came within a C… hair or winning lads, cheer up. ;D

Should’ve won by a 70’s bush tho… offence just needed to help a bit and they couldn’t. Should not be happy with this one.

Calgary’s half-time adjustment was to set up a huge beaver dam that would prevent the flow of our offence. ;D

Hailed as game of the year.