Sorry , but we're the best team in the CFL!

No worries folks, we’re just getting started on how good we can be! Oskee Wee Wee!

More than a few fans, even fans here, and media figured our record was smoke and mirrors from a weak schedule and we’d be exposed as such in CAL and be straight up outclassed.

Team tripped over itself repeatedly and still almost won.

They won’t admit they’re wrong of course so that narrative will persist unless we can beat WPG 65-2 or something.

Need 1 win - Grey Cup. Period.

For sure, team will get better! We literally “turned over? the game.

no need to apologize.

I cant wait for Tasker to get back into the action!

in the grey cup the west team will be either winnepeg or calgary. My guess is winnepeg. We have beaten both those teams. We have the best defense in the league and Tasker is about to come back to action at the perfect time the end of the season. So we could easily win the gcup this year!

To what end? They’ll probably ignore him for 2 Quarters because his number isn’t 16 or 86! Anybody know how much the ball got spread around in Calgary? Even when other receivers seem open–as Duane Forde pointed out on Saturday–our QB doesn’t seem willing to look beyond his first 2 reads. When he could have dumped it off underneath, he waited until it was too late and the pocket collapsed on him. Or he tries to force into multi-coverage situations to his 2 “primary” receivers!
Yes. You can put it down to still learning the offense, But that will only carry you so far. If all the Tablet Time hasn’t shown any thing yet, when will it?

I’m tired of hearing how we have potential, they need to win these games and not let themselves lose. They do this every year. Its stale and tired.

Agreed, Mike!!!

When was the last time the team was 9-3…they do not do this every year.

Jones, Kalinic, Tucker, Bennett and Acklin all had catches as well

What on earth are you talking about? We’re 9-3 with our backup QB in when everybody wrote us off. We smoked Winnipeg and Montreal, came back to beat Calgary, and beat Sask. Just because those games happened earlier in the season doesn’t mean they don’t count.

I know you predicted a 4 game losing streak but stop talking like it’s already happened.

I’m not speaking on the games we won I am talking about games like yesterday, There are many examples of these type of losses this team has had, wining or losing seasons. They clearly had momentum and were up by 12 or so and then played like garbage. That’s what on earth I am talking about Crash, get off your high horse. You don’t seem to think anyone else can have a point of view or opinion. Not once did I say the early wins don’t count.

They’re 9-3.
They’re in first place.
They will host the East Final.

This does not happen every year…

Agree that they target 16 and 86 too often. But I think that falls on Condell. Also, Jackson Bennett had a great game last week, so why didn’t they start him? Don’t think he had any touches until well into the game. We played more than well enough to beat Calgary. Really outplayed them, other than the turnovers and missed field goals. I would say we lost the game rather than Calgary won it.

Study it

If Addison goes down we lose like 86% of our offence our entire game plan basically, that’s a little scary. Calgary clearly is the best team in the league.

Your opinion is that they do this every year… Do what?

We only have 3 losses and while two of them came late, we also have at least 5 wins that came late. we’re winning close games, we’re in first place, we’re arguably the best team in the league.

The rest of us only wished we could do this every year.

We lose to Calgary every year