Sorry Bob: This is the "I Don't Think I Care Much Anym

I just hope you aren't there too.

I still care, but cannot believe that in the 3rd year of a five year plan, we are worse than before Young took over. Especially with the talent this team has. It is a crying shame, and very frustrating for fans. There is no way a team with all-stars like Maas, Ranek, Vaughn, Flick and Holmes on Offence should be having trouble scoring points. It is ridiculous.

No matter what happens in the remainder of the season, the only way a lot of fans will buy tickets in advance for next year is if the entire coahing staff is fired, and we hire a no-nonsense, credible head coach to bring his own people in. Like Charlie Taafe, or George Cortez or Rich Stubler.

We've had bad coaching in Hamilton for too long now. Enough is enough. It's getting to the point where I would rather watch a Bills NFL exhibition game instead of the Cats. That's bad.

I still care, but it's difficult. The "game day experience" has lost its luster.

My only real hope for this Saturday is that we don't get shut out...again.

I agree I Still Other Wise I would not be on here Complaining..

I just let go.. it's difficult I agree..