Sorry BC lion players and fans

I, along with many other rider fans, am quite ashamed at the conduct portrayed by supposed "fans" at last nights games. The throwing of beer and debris was unacceptable! Rider fans pride themselves in our support of our team and by showing a visiting team such little respect was horrible! I want to apologize to all BC lion players and fans for the idiocy of supposed "fans". Please don't think anyone condones what happened.

i myself as i bc fan at the game could not believe what happened especially on ron's night...

Rather than apologize for the bafoons, let them take out an ad and apologize themselves. They know who they are!!

The sad part is the whole thing was very avoidable but the team got greedy with the beer sales. Obviously selling them in cans greatly speeds up the beer lines and also provides a colder product.

As much as I enjoyed the colder beer and no beer lines, it was inevitable.

k guys im not trying to be the bad guy here but... It's not the first time beer cans have been thrown, and its not the first time a scene has been created as Taylor field, when BC is here. I think we need to get over it, what do you expect to happen when a BC player taunts a bunch of drunk fans and throws a football at them? common sense tells me you dont do that. Big deal what so maybe 100 cans at the most were thrown? so 100 or out 30,000+ do all really need to apoligize? i think we can get over it. The shameful part is it happened on this nights. So my suggestion is we all just suck it up, get over it and kick some french birds next weekend!

My e-mail to the Mr. Cohon ( ) :

I invite you to join my call for justice. As loyal Rider fans, we have put up with too much abuse and the truth must prevail.

I was at the game and I didn't see anywhere near that many cans being thrown.

I have pictures and I cannot see cans on the field or sidelines. Where were these hundreds of cans?

Did TSN show all the cans?

I think the amount of cans is a gross exaggeration.

Like I said I have pictures and I see no cans.

The media has painted this as being the fans upset about the call. This was started by BC players conduct on the sidelines. The war of words turned into stick and stones when the football went up, then the beer can.

Wow...didn't know this from seeing the game on TV. That's brutal.

All I could see/ hear was the crowd going nuts over that call then very shortly after you could see what looked to be a few items being fired down at the BC bench...then Buono waving his boys to the field.

Edit -- then the sideline reporter, who was on that side of the field, saying that, by his estimation 40 cans came 'raining' down'. Even Cuthbert said it looked like it was raining on that side.

You can tell our economy is booming when fans are throwing full beer cans.

In the bad old days fans had to resort to used batteries…

Standing by and attacking fans, while you yourself are not calling for your teammate to be banned from the league shows that BC has finally taken all dignity from you.

There is no excuse for throwing things at a team. Even if they deserved it or not. We are supposed to be the best fans in the league.

I was truely embarassed to be wearing Green and White. Come on, we are better than that.


Either they had it coming or they didn't. If you're gonna throw a ball into the (East side) stands and hit a guy, get ready. That part of TF is worse than tha Blue Zone at MSG, or the section at the old Spectrum behind the penalty boxes....

well if i was sitting there and some BC player hit an old man, or woman or kid in the head with a ball, get ready cuz i would be throwing everything not of major value.

Nobody is excusing the fans for throwing things at the Lions bench.

Thus far, everybody IS excusing the Lions players for throwing stuff at the fans in the stands by blaming it on a "few drunken idiots".

The double-standard is sickening and infuriating. Marsh, McCallum, and Buono have all spoken out about the actions of the fans. Their own teammates were just as juilty of participating in the skirmish.

CFL players need to be held to a higher standard. They are paid representatives of the league. As fans, we've accepted responsibility, but they still have not.

You are right they should be accountable as well. In fact to a higher standard.

It was like two groups of kids on the playground both saying the other started it. Both groups are adults and should have behaved better.

You are right they should be accountable as well. In fact to a higher standard.

It was like two groups of kids on the playground both saying the other started it. Both groups are adults and should have behaved better.