Sorry BC fans....

Sorry BC fans but I had to post this. I’m wondering if there are any other CFL players with thier own web site. Who is this you ask? None other than Casey Printers, or as he states on the site…The athlete, The man, The servant.(muffled laughter)

Personally I think this is just another example of how the guy possibly thinks that he is bigger than the BC Lions and the CFL. I posted that opinion before due to his immediate salary demands after only 1 successful season.

Anyway, check it out @


Wow. A little vain, aren’t we?

I wonder if he has a shrine dedicated to himself in every room of his home?

I think Wynn could be a surprise to alot of CFL fans this season. BC gave up a great one there! The Blue and gold found a diamond in the rough for sure.

Does Wynn have his own website too?

When you have Dickenson AND Printers, you can afford to let any quarterback go.

I hope he’s better than Glenn (for you Bomber fans’ sake).

agree totely

who says B.C. has got Printers, I haven’t heard the anouncement of his golden contract yet…maybe he won.t get what he’s looking for and then…watch out for the BIG sulk…and then his departure…never count your chickens as the old saying goes…letting Spergon go could come back to haunt the Lions :!:

They better prey they do, because with injury prone (and also overated) Dickinson, they have no back up.

…his own website…talk about a PR machine behind him…interesting though that the stadium behind him on the main page is the new Chicago Bears stadium…hidden meaning there?..

I thinkTHAT maybe his shrine…Printers has definite NFL ASPIRATIONS… :arrow:

The Lions have Printers. He’s signed for 2005 with an option for 2006. Its just smart business that the Lions are trying to sign him to a long term contract. If he leaves after the 2005 season, the Lions still have Dickenson for 2006. Yeah I know the Dickenson is always hurt argument. Its not the end of the world if they don’t come to a long term agreement before the 2005 season starts, Printers will be here and isn’t going to hold out. There is lots of time to get a deal done. With Ricky Ray being the last great CFL QB to try the NFL coming back, I’m not too concerned about Printers sticking in the NFL longer than Ray did.

yeah but…if Printers dosen’t get a Frito-RAY type contract THIS YEAR…do you think he’s going to put out a 100% effort and injure his ‘heading for the NFL body’…NOWAY…and if you are going to say that if he does’nt play with an all out effort he wouldn.t look good to an NFL. club …then I say ’ Mr. Printers has enough EGO; that he thinks he has already made the ‘bigtime’ so off to the NFL. he goes in 06. after sulking through 05… :arrow:

Jason Clermont, Daved Benefield, Pat Woodcock and Yo Murphy also have personnal webpages.

Really, I was not aware of that. Fine then, I will retract my statement of Printers thinking he is bigger than the team and league for now. Let’s wait and see what he does on the field, perhaps he will that do the talking for him

A while ago we had a discussion on who was the most arrogant player


If I was Casey Printers, I would have my own website too!! The guy is young and talened. He’s just trying to max out his options. I wish everyone would stop whinning about him. He’s bonafide star material. I hope BC gets him for four seasons and pays him well. Professional sports has an aspect of hype in it and Printers is playing his cards right. Yo Murhpy has a sight? Cool. Go Gades!!!

C’mon…who really cares? Welcome to the 21st century…so the dude’s got his own website. Good for him!? Geezis, I swear some of you guys would still like to be watching guys like Richard Crump carrying the rock in Ottawa and Peter Della Riva catching balls in Montreal. And crowds never exceeding 25,000…and Pat Marsden on the sidelines for CTV…okay, maybe not that… :shock:

Actually, Printers is pretty big in the community. He put together some QB camp this spring for young kids. NOW DON’T QUOTE ME ON THIS… Im only speculating, but this website may have grown out of this “Annual” camp that he plans to put on every year. So this website might eventually be some sort of marketing tool for his camp. I’m only guessing!

Interesting observation about the Chicago connection.

He is as bad as T Owens! ha ha ha ha glad he is in BC

Okay so maybe the website thing got blown out of proportion a little. I did some looking and lots of players have thier own websites. I was unaware that was the trend. I tend to have the same opinion of any player that doesn’t want to honor contract he has signed and plays it out in the media. I think it makes them look greedy and arrogant. Public opinion has more to do with that and not so much with the website.