Sorry Argo Fans did Pinball milk this old team to long?

I do not know about you guys! But I think this aging team has finally caught up with the Pinball. Yes they have had injuries but the offense is just real bad! Allen has been caught by father time and it is time for the youngsters to get some playing time.

rebuilding year 101 for TO and Hamilton (who I have no idea who is running that show over there)

The teams that play Hamilton and Toronto now have to wear blind folds! Seriously Hamilton just needs time to put the puzzle together but Toronto they have an aging team and other then bringing in Weedy they have not addressed the old guys on this team.

What's Adam Rita been doing? I haven't seen much young talent on that team this year. They should promote Pinball to President, hire Marcel Desjardin for GM and Keven Strasser for Coach and let those two clean up this mess. Rita and Austin have to go. One is too old, the other too stubborn.

I agree totally Austin is a total idiot hmmm he would fit in with the Bombers!

yeah right, we are working just fine, he go to Hamilton and join the idiots who have messed up that team.

YEs but if you are going to collect idiots would he not fit with the bombers! :lol:

I think he would fit in very well with those two chuckling idiots in Calgary. You know... the one that can't catch balls and the one in RW2005's sig.

What ever blue lizard? The fact is he has the same style of calling plays for the bombers so I think he would be best in bomber town! Austin loves Bomber town!

well, we DON’T LOVE HIM!

remember, he is from the area where teams would rather be 1 and 7 than live in Winnipeg, fools! :lol:

Come on Kanga you and the Blue Lizard love Austin! You guys stated that earlier this year when the bombers were looking to hire him as HC. :lol:

True, before TO went 2 and 5, and WPG 5 and 2. :lol:

Actually, if you look at it, all the teams in Southern Ontario suque big time. Argos look terrible. Raptors will always be a bottom feeder. Leafs are just pathetic. Only the Ti-Cats show any promise, but at 1-6, they are going to have another long losing year.

Pinner has a problem telling guys "it's over" if he likes them. Now that is a very nice humane trait but in the long run, it'll getcha as a football or any pro sports coach.

Speaking of Rita, I was listening to him on the Fan 590 show on Sportsnet last night around 5:30 pm and he sounded like he was drunk, it wasn't good. Reminded me once when Nick Kypreos was on the show and I know he was drunk that night, he made less sense than he usually does. But really, the Argos should not allow someone on a show if they have been in the sauce too much, or any team for that matter. my son....we are doing just fine without Austin....Argos problems are deeper than Austin and Rita.....what's with the suspension of Baker....that nobody wants to talk about...Their nfl stud (williams) looks like a dud...and why on earth did they sign Stokes to take up a roster spot....when they already had a guy (levingston) who is getting the job done...and one of their only bright spots..Couch looks alright for a rook ...but you can't expect him to carry the team... injuries can hurt you....but every club has had it fair share..can Doug Flutie be far off...anyway the guys doing the show last night said according to the Argos the Bombers are no longer a worry for them....guess they're shooting for the bottom rung... and feel they only have to beat out the Hammer...can anyone saaaaay 'crossover' :roll:

When he applied for the HC position, we thought he he knew it was for the Head Confectionery position as in Water Boy.

Oh come now Sambo, John Ferguson says the Leafs will be much improved this year. :slight_smile: The Leafs will be the Carolina's of 2006-7. :smiley:

Thanks dad as always like you told mom! You are a right fit or are you alright I can not remember! But I have t o agree Austin should work for the Gleibs! I would not want another team to be that bad from his coaching. His coaching style is much like the OC for the Lions do you not think!

last week we had 16 injured players, almost all of them at the top of the depth chart.

no team can survive that many injuries

No kidding it is pretty bad when you do not know the guy sitting next you on the bench! :lol: