Sorry, another lost season

Oops, my mistake....3 - 15
Just getting off topic, how about getting our cheerleaders some nice outfits. The ones they are wearing look like they got from Giant Tiger.
A decent halftime show would be nice too!
And turn down the speaker in Section 6, or replace it...maybe you will get more fans up there....we only been asking for the last 5 years.
Oh yeah, while I'm whining....I was for WEST HARBOUR

I was with you right up until you said West Harbour and then :thdn:

two games into the season?

Stay home … we don’t need your type at the games.

sorry u feel this way last time i checked itwas only 2 games and theres still 16 left to be played.its been said b4 that teams really dont click till a month into the season our coaches are young and are gonna have some learning curves to make so throwing in the towel is not a option after week 2 or week 18 for that matter

Me too.

I was against you right up until you said West Harbour and then. :thup:


LOL ! :lol:

Anyone in favour of Rheem is not worth listening to on any subject

Eating crow....tastes good

The Cats Played Good Game but got Lucky with old Montreal Team.

No way the Luck hold out 2 more times..

AND yet you predicted that old Montreal Team would BLOW out the Cats.... you are now officially a troll... just sayin'

Good on ya Rambro! At least you have the guts to re-post and admit it :smiley: Hey OnKnight....thanks for letting us enjoy the win for 10 minutes before you tried to bring us down with your two cents. No it wasn't pretty in the 4th or in OT either, but it's playoffs and a win is a win!!

Go Cats Go! That one was for Jake!!! Keep fighting the good fight kiddo!

I agree with all of that. It was good to see that kind of admission. And I wouldn't take what Onknight says seriously. He is on my foes list now.

And I'm sure Jake Rayner enjoyed that.

I've left him on for comic relief.

Contact Capt Kirk. I'll bet you'll get along just fine.

I really think we will beat the Blue Bombers next week. We won't win the Grey Cup but... :wink:

kevy: If we play half as good as we did today, we should still beat Winnipeg.

True, some of his posts are funny, even though they may not be intentionally funny. Maybe we could get some good laughs out of what he predicted today earlier on.

A knowledgable Tiger-Cat fan wouldn't post such nonsense. Sounds like bitter self loathing..... That was a tough Tiger-Cat team effort from coaches to players. Both Glen and Porter came through when they needed to..... And the team was well prepared by the coaching staff. Whoever wants to put the team down should just cheer for the Argos!