Sorry 2015 CFL season

yet you make some bold predictions, you've lost all credibility now. How can you complain about the quality of play or the 2015 season when you haven't watched a game since week 2

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I talk about what I have seen. I have watch some just not full games. Overall I don't get into the endless rants of a Bungle. I don't comment much on the flag fest because I haven't watched full games. I can only assume, from what is posted here, that at least the over sensitivity to OC has settled. I read here they don't throw the flag as quickly or as often for that as they did in July.

My opinion on the new rules hasn't changed; don't like the illegal contact on a receiver, don't think the new rule to hold the o-line on a punt has had any impact either way, like the no yards tacked on at the end of a return (or as I call it the Rod Black rule :lol: ) and like the new convert rules. Video review is still a disaster that should be removed, destroyed and rebuilt.

I still makes predictions because that's part of discussing sports. To be honest I am actually shocked at my record in the VGCC. I sit in 12th which is way higher than I have ever sat yet I have watched less CFL this season than I have since the old CFN days.

I complain, and can complain because I am a fan. Haven't walked away from the game I just watch less. I don't complain as much because now I stop watching when it gets stupid. Hopefully they do something about the officiating over the off season, fire Glen Johnston, rethink the illegal contact on a receiver rule, allow review of offensive PI or better yet have no review of PI at all and hope the Argos can rebuild the franchise now that they will be rid of Braley and Rogers. While we're at it fire Millanovich and Barker from the Argos and Black and Forde from TSN. If I'm going to dream I might as well dream BIG.

Touché. :oops:

Sorry for you SORRY. But you listen to the media to much!!! First the league has treated and helped the Argos greatly.
Its the owners of the blue Jays that is hurting them. The refs were instructed to be tough on defenses giving the offense more opportunities. Some years all goes well others not as much. Look at all the QB injures. Leagues fault??
Refs fault or just faith. Look at all the crap in NFL this year. Crap happens. CFL is great Value.

This season is not one I will remember as one of the CFLs best. For many reasons it's a season I won't remember at all, but compared to the disaster of last season it was a huge step back towards normal. Last season was horrendous while this season is best described as an off year. The flag fest and rule changes were a big part of it, but so was the rash of injuries to starters, especially QBs, which no one can see coming.

On the up side the east was competitive again, for the first time I can think of the talk has been of an east crossover, the sale of the Argos and the end of their prison sentence in Skydump.

The OP just can't see the forest for the trees.