Sorry 2015 CFL season

The 2015 CFL season has been bad. The biggest market team (Argo's) have been treated like an after thoughs by the league. Furthermore the rules which were suppose to give the game a more entertainment value has been a failure and let's not bring up the foolish pass interference challenge and last but not least the ref's.....Poor Winnipeg they seem to get the worst from all of the challenges. I'm a fan and will be going forward but I see this game being less and less entertaining season after season. How long can this mess go on before we really look in the mirror and admit realistically we are in the midst of looming doom. Sorry folks but it's going to happen that Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver will have NFL teams. I know people will laugh but look at the quality of players coming out of the CIS that get NFL tryouts and make it or stay on practice rosters.


Vancouver and Montreal WILL NEVER get an NFL team, quit talking out of your Ass.

Toronto at this point is in NO condition to get an NFL team either.

the league has its ups and downs but it's not about to go south anytime soon.

Mr. Doom and Gloom here needs to wake up.

Toronto will soon recover.

go back in to your room please ok?

Disagree. The NFL will not be coming to Canada.

Agree. The CFL has been trending lower on all sorts of levels in recent years and needs to improve. It will.

You gotta be kidding.

Sorry 2015 season ???

Sorry thread.!!!


New QBs, tons of new players, new rules...bound to see a general downturn in the entertainment level. But new (deep-pocketed) owners for the Argos, Durant returning to Saskatchewan next season, Nichols in Winnipeg, a hot, new QB in BC, and support in Ottawa has been huge...I only see good things for years to come. The CFL does need some new strategies to attract fans, as the grass roots stuff only goes so far. CTV broadcasting games would help. Not worried. I remember the mid-1990s, and the league is much stronger than it was then...

We have been on a high for sometime. We are going to have a few drops every now and again. And I like others here still remember how bad it really was back in the day. Once the argos have their own field, things will be better. You look at the NFL this yr and they are having QB problems and lots penalties. Our QB situation I think is better then the NFL.

Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver....All in the NFL someday ????
Laugh ????? Nah !!!!! I think I'll sing ya a little tune instead.........goes something like this :lol:

Il n'y aura jamais d'équipe de la NFL à Montréal. Il faudrait que la ville construise un nouveau stade de 80 000 places. Vous croyez vraiment que quelqu'un de sérieux va oser proposer ça après le fiasco du Stade Olympique?

Je doute qu'à Vancouver il soit un jour bien vu de dépenser 1,5 à 2 milliards pour satisfaire les ambitions de la multi-milliardaire NFL et d'un quelconque propriétaire tout aussi "loriaque" que sa ligue.

Quant à Toronto, Rogers a été obligé de donner la moitié des billets des parties des Bills à Toronto pour laisser croire qu'il y avait un intérêt pour la NFL.

Mes enfants ne verront pas ça de leur vivant.

Just another disgruntled Als fan. Maybe he'll perk up if they get the crossover.

Contrairement à bien des gens au sud du lac Ontario, je suis autant un partisan du football canadien que des Alouettes, mais je ne me berce pas d'illusions.

Je comprends qu'après avoir vu votre équipe chérie croupir dans les vases des oubliettes de la LCF pendant tant d'années vous sentez enfin deux saisons assez dignes pour vous servir d'exutoire à votre frustration accumulée. Persistez, c'est très sain pour les adominables. :twisted:

I dont really agree, one thing I will be worried about is if this happens again next season. The PI calls needs to go. Let the players play! The objectionable conduct calls are ridiculous and the injuries at QB were hindering play.

Next year will be a true indicator for the CFL and if its going downwards or regaining strength.

The CFL next year will have no excuses for any failure. The whole future of the league will be set, except the Riders new stadium, but I doubt the Riders will suffer very much playing one last season in their multicolored crapbox.
The only team without a new, or refurbished stadium other than the Riders ,will be the Stamps, and that is never going to happen in a province as stupid as Alberta, so there is no reason even to talk about it.
The league has completely run out of excuses to fail again next season and one can only wonder if the league will do the right thing and pay its players more for extra practice time.
Watching the Bombers/Redblacks game last week was a complete embarrassment ,and I for one stopped watching after the third turnover. I was astounded to learn there was another turnover after I had turned off my TV. To have 4 turnovers in 6 plays,is not pro football, and to say otherwise is simply you lieing to yourself

And as a result, you missed a game that had controversy and drama due to a low hit and that went back and forth right to the final play. Way to kick yourself in the nuts because of a lousy sequence early. :thup:

Were there any other turnovers in that game after that series?


So I didn't miss anything resembling pro football? Did I miss some dramaticcatches or some amazing ints? No. I never missed an amazing blocked punt or a 58 yardfielf goal. No I missed some idiot trying to hurt the only QB who has managed to stay healthy the lst two seasons. Games going down to the wire mean nothing to me anymore if the preceding 59 minutes was crap?

Wait a minute...You complain about turnovers then ask if you missed "amazing interceptions"?

You did miss some good catches from both teams, and on the play that Burris was hurt, he still hit Williams for a 51-yard score.

You missed a quality drive to control the clock by Ottawa with a mix of runs and passes and a gutsy call with little time left to go for a TD instead of a field goal on 3rd down.

Then you missed Winnipeg getting a good return on the ensuing kickoff and putting themselves in a position to tie with a shot at the endzone with (I believe) four seconds left. The preceding 59 minutes were not "crap".

And you deserve to miss it. You're like the guy who stops watching a movie because the car chase 20 minutes in was unrealistic then assume the entire movie is crap.

You tell everyone week in and week out that games are unwatchable, then come here and tell everyone about how what you watched was garbage. Please, Bungle, stop watching the unwatchable.

Turnovers aren't always offensive errors. Many picks are the result of great positioning by the DBs combined with big pressure from the guys up front...and then perfect timing by the DBs to make the pick. Fumbles, same thing. Many are punched out by D guys which is a skill taught to them starting in Pee Wee.

Glass half empty Bungle...that's you.

I thought both Winnipeg picks were pretty damn good. The first one was a good read and the guy (forget the players now) caught it in stride. The second was great coverage and a good job to pickpocket the intended receiver.

If it had been a matter of a bunch of unforced fumbles, shanked punts and dropped passes I could understand Bungle's point but for the most part this game was well-played.

Trollall the way, that's Bungle. What does he have to complain about if he's not watching? I watch very little now myself. If I'm home when a game is on I may watch. I haven't watched a full game since week 2. When they start with the flag fest, or the command centre blows video review calls I shut it off and move on. I still follow the league and catch all the highlights, but because I'm not watching every game I have far less to complain about. Bungle appears to be only happy when he's bitching.

Ignore the troll and he will go away on his own.