Sore Losers

I hate it when fans become sore losers. This guy I work with told me yesterday that the only reason why his stamps lost was because George git kicked out.What the hell? I respect it when fans just admit it. Most of the stamps posters on here admitted it and i respect that. It espicially annoys me when they trash talk you all week and then that's their excuse. RedWhite2005 trashed talked a lot of rider fans, but he took the loss like a man. I respect that. That's class. But the guy I work with had no class. Oh well not really a big deal I guess.

Ha! I will take that.
If the Stamps fate rests on the shoulders of a guy that kicks other players in the illegal regions after a play, then The Stamps have a lot to work on. <-- Use it it's yours.

The Stampeders have a lot more important players on their roster than George (sorry I don't know his Full name) Geez the comment in the brackets make me sound kinda ignorant. Oh well.

Thanks. I will use that. And i think his name is Curious or something, anyway it's not ignorance, it's juat that he's unimportant.

Your right! I swear, when he got kicked out I thought I heard the Announcer say Curious George. I am sure it just sounds like Curious though.

It's Tearrius. I looked on the site. Sounds like curious. Tearrius Curious George.

Stamps got pounded but Higgins was a class act unlike Burris in the after game interview who said "the Riders didn't do jack to us it's all about us in this locker room"

There are just too many egotistic and uncontrolable players on Calgary and they won't have any success until they can discipline themselves and work together as a team. I think guys like Burris and Lewis should be cut from the Stamps because it doesn't matter how good you are if you have no discipline and don't work as a team.

That's makes some sense. Burris couldn't be a man about it. He probably cried as soon as they shut the cameras off.

Henry- :cry:
ME- :lol:

I thank you for the compliment there. You are right it ticks me off when a CFL fan can not admit their team did not do well or they just played pathetic. Excuses such as the refs, the what if's etc occur it just burns me up. I give you guys a hard time and some of you take it personal and some take me with a grain a salt no problem. But really if you hand it out it is only respectful to get it back and handle it right. I have no fear telling the way it is afte all excuses does not turn time back to make the team win. When you see that stamp fan you work with tell him that one guy does not make a team. This is a team game one guy does not lose the game ( except Burris lately). Remind him that Burris scored more points for the opposition then he did for his team. Again thanks!

Well it did hurt to a degree we were lacking due to injuries on the D line. Once he was kicked out we had no fresh troops to rotate in. But really that did not cause the Stamps to lose.

Wrong that is the problem. Your team won on emotion. Every time your team got a turn over the more pumped they got. Sort of like cutting your leg in a swimming pool of sharks the frenzy began. The Stamps management has suppressed the players emotions to the point that they can not get up for the games. It has shown so far in this season. These are better players from last year but what is missing emotion. Now the Stamps get pumped just like they were at the Opera yahoo!

What is Burris to say oh dear those riders hand me my ass today. True but I do not think anyone would say that after their pounding. He is frustrated at the lack of effort his team is providing nothing more. Yes the class thing to do would be to say well we got beat by a team that was better prepared to play today and be done with it. We all know Henry likes to sitr the pot in what he says. Just maybe these losses are just what he needs.

I hate sore losers as well... This Rider "fan" was standing over the players tunnel taunting the players and stuff. I told him to get a f***ing life and then I walked away.

Some take it too far.I was told to F off at a game in EDM,because we were winning.

I truly hope they take away the beer cans before some drunk idiot takes it too far.

I agree with that Dust.

How will beer cans change anything?

And, Are there any sore losers out there this weekend? I hope not.

check what I wrote

Well it seems a couple of fans attmpted to throw their full beers ( a waste I know :frowning: ) down towards the Lions bench but missed terribly, nobody was hit but it's only a matter of time.

The plastic cups they used to use are harmless in the event a drunk gets a great idea.