Sophomore Acklin has taken long path to becoming Hamilton Tiger-Cats leading receiver

Great Article about Wide Reciever Jaelon Acklin


Thanks for the article.
I think it's digusting that we have to read Tiger-Cats news in a Toronto newspaper. On the Spec, there hasn't been an article (other than random notes by Steve Milton) on them in NINE DAYS!

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Even worse is the fact that the Spec is owned by the Star that put out that story about Acklin. Surely they can show it in the Spec.


Must be because Toronto is more of a football town than Hamilton.


I just fired off an e-mail to Sports editor Jeff Day at the Spec.

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And here's his quick response:

The Jaelon Acklin story was in our paper for use today until we were able to get a story for deadline on the Forge FC game. The Acklin story will be included in the paper tomorrow and online today.


And there it is! Sports News | The Spec


Yeah the star bought the spec, looks like this article was originally on Canadian press but the star shared it which is why it's not blocked by a Pay wall.

Your welcome

Great noticing. Not even a TORStar reporter. Its from a wire service. Spec wouldnt run it even with someone else doing the work cheaper from a service they already subscribe to.
Tell me again how this business model train wreck is so vital that it needs to be subsidized by us.

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See my comment (#6 above). I contacted them. The Spec has put it on their site today and it will be in the paper tomorrow. They had a good reason to delay it a day. BTW it was written by Dan Ralph of Canadian Press...

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Yet, they hae a journalist on staff that has written tonnes of articles on the team. I have all the respect in the world for Dan Ralph - he's put in his dues over the years.

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"Acklin had five catches for 59 yards in a 64-14 win over the Toronto Argonauts and has remained on the roster ever since"

It seems like a lifetime ago we could put up 64 points in a game :joy: