soooo impressed!!!

As im sitting on the couch in my Toronto home i am totally envious of you riders fans. Here in The Big Smoke it seems no one cares unless they are winning.

It was great to watch a spectacular game like this.I think everyone thought Joseph was going to eat the ball or run it to the centre to set up a better positioned field goal…but he sucked everyone in.

Once again congrads on the win today and

I think Joseph was just as surprised as anyone to see nothing but daylight in front of him. I'm sure everyone knew that he was going to run, try to get a few yards, and slide in the middle of the field.

It was a great game, their were 8 lead changes, came down to the last play. Couldn't have scripted a better game.

Austin made the call, all Joseph had to do was watch if Simpson would follow Cates to the flat, what they didnt expect was the Blitz leaving the middle wide open.... brilliant call & execution.

Certainly made up for the onside kick during the field goal attempt.

I think Kyries (he's a LB/no he's a safety) Hebert blew that play too - both he and Simpson went to Cates...could of driven a truck through the middle of the Bombers D on that play.

Very well, played game on both ends. Very few mistakes, great execution, minimal penalties.

Congrats Rider fans every where.
you proved that you fans are the best in the cfl,but we bomber fans run close.
lets see what happens next week, hopefully the blue can even the score,but for me as a bleeding blue fan I must say to get beat is one thing but to get beat by the riders now thats class, way to go riders and I hope to see the Riders and the bombers both in the Grey Cup.again congrats on a great Win a

Wow! I’m touched by the class and humility of you Bomber fans who have posted. This game was no gimme by any means - you guys can stand tall and proud with the effort your team put in. That was quite a game on both sides.

All the bomber fans that made the trip out deserve mad props too, that's probably the most of them ive seen for labour day before, and while they might not have been real loud, they were definately visible.

hey dust and legal thanx. i enjyed my time in riderville for the game. u guys put on some good times. and i can truly say when i walked the round about down the upper decks after the game i wore my jersey and hat in pride after the game. i do have even mor erespect for rider fans after this weekends experience.