soooo how many years now??

has dominguez come out and said, ''were so great were gonna score 50 points a game'' and every year you get maybbbeeee TO THE WCF and then get your a$$ handed to you there, if you make it

soooo all im saying is matt dominguez blah blah blah every year, it dont make a diffrence, your still sask, and you still suck

Dominguez is like any rider fan. THIS is going to be the year that they win the Grey Cup for the first time in 18 years. If it's not this year, then insert the same interview at this time next year. Repeat as necessary. Claiming that they are going to score 50 points on a consistent basis? Maybe a bit over the top.

Question for you schmoe fans would be are you going to make it to the playoffs this year. do not get me wrong I am in agreement wit the rider comment. But the question to you two is what is going to happen to the green and gold this year. :lol:

How is Dominguez saying he has high hopes for the team different from how everyone else should be about theirs? I don't know about you, but the last thing I want to hear from a player is, "Well, I don't know, but I really hope we're very average this year....."

Precisely, a player has to look optimistic; regardless of who they face. I mean, they can't come off before the season starts and look like a bunch of pussies. But these people accusing Dominguez of being a braggart wouldn't know anything about that, would they? :roll: I just never realised that saskargo had created her own little cult out in Alberta.

i dont think anyone has ever said they would score 50 points a game consistantly, thats way to much

theres a diffrence between being confident. and bad mouthing the rest of the league EVERY saying your gonna score 50 on them and they wont be able to handle you. you have to win something first before you can get cocky and talk smack

and Red i realy dont kknow how we will do.we have all the talent to win, but like last year you need more then talent to win....this is the first year i realy do not know

Well, hopefully, we don't the bed as bad as the stumps did the last time they won the Grey Cup. Way back in 2001. You know, where you then proceeded to miss the playoffs for 3 consecutive years. I don't think that will happen, but only time will tell.

And yes, nobody blames Dominguez for being confident in his teams offence for this year. Saying that they are going to consistently score 50 points is just plain ignorant, however.

I agree that is pretty stupid for a guy that had not a great season last year as far as performance. As far as being confident that is not a problem but chest pounding saying I am the greatest well that is ignorant.

Isnt it kind of funny how Eskimo fans started this? Im pretty sure then Eskimos are gonna have a tough time makin the playoffs..

And I'm pretty sure the riders are gonna have a tough time winning their first Grey Cup in 18 years. Let alone scoring 50 points per game.

Wanna take a wild guess as to how many Grey Cups Edmonton has won since 1989? Hint... the answer is greater than ZERO.

(pssst, Rider fans … don’t mention that between 1988 and 2002 the two teams won exactly the same number of Cups … might piss off Larry :wink:)

And while you're at it, rider fans, you may not want to mention that between 1972 and 1991, the riders actually won MORE Grey Cups than the stamps. Canuckev may not want to hear this. Shhhh....

Wow, you were quick to reply.

You may not want to hear that between 1988 and 2004, the Stamps won more Grey Cups than the Esks ...

What's the point of continuing it?

Wow, you don't waste any time in replying, either, eh? You may not want to hear that the Eskimos have won 13 Grey Cups, and the stamps have only won 5 Grey Cups. Quite the difference, if you ask me. Not sure what the point of continuing it is, but you seem to want to, so...

:roll: Just as I expected ...

Yes, you are very predictable, Kev. The only variable is how long it will take you to reply to this. Which won't be long. :lol: :lol:

As long as the Riders end up higher than the Eskimos, life is good, because you have nothing.

Ok for Larry sake they do have something. A long history of winning. No big deal admit it and Larry just shrivels up! :lol: :lol: The problem is for the Eskies is that it might be a long road back to winning. :lol: :lol:

I have nothing? Are you kidding me? The riders finish ahead of the Esks for ONE year, and I have nothing? Perhaps, if the riders hadn't CHOKED, yet AGAIN in the playoffs, and had actually won something, I would have nothing. 18 years and counting, without winning jack squat, in an 8 team league. 2 Grey Cups total in a 90 year history. That's what you've got. I'll take 13 Grey Cups and 33 of the last 34 years in the playoffs any day over what you got.

And rw, I really don't think that it will take that long for the Esks to rebuild. Not all ownership groups are as incompetent as the F-troop you had not too long ago. The stamps may have missed the playoffs for 3 consecutive years with that circus group running the show, but were back in it the next year, after being taken over by new ownership. If there's one thing the Eskimos have proven over the past 3 and a half decades, it's consistency. Not sure how one bad year throws away all that credit amongst the minds of some. Perhaps wishfull thinking.