Songwriters and their Songs

Match the songs to the writer. No googling please

  1. Me and Bobby McGee
  2. Heart Break Hotel
  3. Sunday Morning Comin' Down
  4. Mr. Bojangles
  5. Corina, Corina

A. Hoyt Axton
B. Bob Dylan
C. Jerry Jeff Walker
D Gordon Lightfoot
E. Elvis Presley
F. Janis Joplin
G. Kris Kristofferson
H. Burt Bacharach
I. Carole King.

2 wild guesses

1 - G
4 - H

1 F

2 E

5 B

Not sure of the others. But maybe

3 D
4 C

So, here are the answers:

2- E ( Elvis got a writing credit here so he's the answe.. Hoyt Axton's mother was largely credited. I actually thought Hoyt wrote it)

I was surprised Dave that you knew JJ Walker wrote Bojangles and Dylan wrote Corina Corina.

I had 4 narrowed down to between C and G but guessed wrong. I never heard of J J Walker

I discounted Elvis because while he may have been credited, and may even have contributed lyrics to a song or two (just guessing), I know he never actually did any song writing. At least I think I know that.

No fair doing KK twice :slight_smile:

Ya..Jerry Jeff Walker was/is an Austin Texas Country/Folk guy. Really good. Give him a listen. In the mold of KK or a quiet Willie. I really like him and am catching up with his career. Bojangles is a great song hey?

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Wasn't too sure about JJ Walker. It's been a long time since I listened to him but Bojangles rang a bell.

I've always liked Corinna Corinna though. I think at one time I actually liked a certain Corinna, whom I now can't remember. But still like the song. Even Beck's cover of it from a few years back was nice.

my favorite version is by Sammy Davis

Charlie Dunn , one of my favourites .....

The only one I did not know was #3.

Hoyt Axton is one of my fav singer/songwriters... Far too many songwriters do not get credit for their work and with today's junk out there far too many supposed artists do not give credit where due. I get upset when I hear a performer not tell it is not their song.

Oh yeah, Mae Boren Axton co-wrote Heartbreak Hotel with a guy named Tom Durden and Mae was a big influence in getting Elvis' career started !

I like to give credit where credit is due.......Too many liars and thieves in this world.

Slimpickens...ya Charlie Dunn was a good tune by JJW alright

Dan..I agree about Hoyt. A very good writer although I thought he wrote too many "novelty" songs. His bio says he was a a coke addict most of his adult life which surprised me,
Dylan I don't think ever recorded Corina but wrote it before becoming well known.

FYB...yeah Bojangles by Sammy was a great version and a surprise to me.

All good singer-songwriters. Dylan of course the most prolific and generally recognized as the greatest songwriter/poet of all-time.
Kris Kristofferson is amazing. A triple threat - Writer. Singer. Actor. No one on this list comes close to Kristofferson - who's now amazingly in his 80s

KK was/is brilliant. Suffers dementia now. Top 3 in my book as greatest writers. Dylan, KK, Cohen for me.

And happy birthday today to Mr. Dylan-79 and still writing and touring.

John Prine is another great writer , RIP ....

Paul Simon should be on the list for sure , so much talent many others...

Our Daughter has cut a CD , but will spare the details for future ....

That's neat. What genre is it? If you are comfortable PM me the details of where I can sample it.

JP and PS wrote some great stuff, no question. I found JP to be a bit prone to whimsical at times, almost novelty. PS just became far too in love with his own wordplay for my tastes. I found he left no breathing room in his lyrics, just too busy. I did love the simplicity of his early stuff, especially The Boxer, but almost unlistenable later on for me.
Another writer I really respect is Mark Knopfler. His writing today is amazingly spare and brilliant imo.
But you are right there is so much talent out there. There are no absolutes when it comes to individual tastes.

I was going to mention Prine. We lost a good one there.. also Neil Peart who wrote so many good lyrics for Rush.
Paul McCartney doesn't get enough credit for all he wrote IMO.

Jon Andersen of Yes with his abstract lyrics is another one.

This is a good topic, Everyman !

i'll have to listen more to MCartney's work.. I really can't think of a memorable song he's written after his Lennon days and first solo album piece. I sure like him as a seemingly well balanced billionaire guy tho. Did you watch him in that Corden
drive around show? Very funny and charming. I'll send you a link if you haven't.

One of the most under-appreciated singer-songwriters is a fella named David Olney. Mr. Olney passed away earlier this year while performing on-stage in Texas.
This is his most famous piece - hardly any real singing in it, but a literate line and wonderful background guitar.
The finality of the song will hit you like a brick - if you are of good moral character and possess durable beliefs.

I've seen the Corden video. It's great. I've been a McCartney fan since the Beatles. It was easy for me to see who had the most talent. Sure Lennon and Harrison had talent but not like Paul..After his first solo album where he played ALL the instruments he made some significant music. albums like RAM, RED ROSE SPEEDWAY, BAND ON THE RUN and the great VENUS ANS MARS. So many people think it's the beatles playing when I play an early McCartney album. What's that tell you ? You might want to listen to an album called FLOWERS IN THE DIRT. One of my favs too. Paul wrote so many songs for others. Composed music for TV and movies. Wrote an Oratorio too. ..I'm afraid he won't be fully appreciated till after he has passed. Then people will realize that we had the greatest composer of our time alive with us. all of a sudden everyone will be a fan. It's sad it like that.

David Olney is another good example of a songwriter ignored. Good one Lyle.