OK you might call me crazy but would love for Bomber fans to sing the following song during or before Bomber games this year...."Never walk alone" it is sung before Glasgow Celtic games and Manchester united games...yes its soccer but the song is about support when chips are down...this team the Bombers has endured the longest run of no Grey Cups...the team is more than its players...I am not good with links so if somebody could find Celtic fans singing it on you tube would be appreciated...the song speaks to me as a bomber fan...hope it does to others...if you like the idea please copy and spread it around...these things are always started by the fans...if you don't sorry I took up your time



All the way from Australia no less:

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thanks for posting the link that's it!!!yahoo it is also sung by Celtic in the Scotland ....ok Soccer aside its about what it I crazy perhaps but do I walk alone going to bomber games? I feel like despite the losses we are all a family and this song help to enforce that!!!! Great new ideas are not made when we are winning that are made when you are down...real winners pick each other up! I am a Bomber fan till the day I die! People might make fun of that who cares thanks for posting link I really appreciate it!!!! Please share this idea with other Bomber forums if you believe it has value!

Thanks again


Well BBTIM, I think it's a great idea and great song. To hear a stadium singing this gives me goosebumps and the Bombers would certainly be the first in recent CFL history to have a team song sung at a game. I would gladly sing if I were at the stadium. Your problem is getting others to sing along.The mindset in Europe is much different than here. Just go into any pub or on the transit system and see what I mean. People sing and talk, not so much here, sadly.... Good idea !

...I think it would be a great idea for a uniting team song but unfortunately the mind set here is the 'wave'...Not too bad but it leaves you kind of empty....You're right about the Brits Dan...They really love community songs..especially in sports..I'll never forgot when I was on the London tube, a chap got on at a station, dressed up in his cockney garb, proceeded to set up his little music box in the aisle...did a five min. tap dance (quite professional) and exited at the next stop after receiving applause and the change thrown his way...You'd never see that here...Certainly they are a different lot. :lol: .It would take some organizing to get a team song going at IGF..

If you're patient enough there's lyrics starting mid way through. Can you imagine this song playing before the start of the game starting as the players walk out of the tunnel with a full stadium joining in with a fight chant? The music could be updated, have an open competition for a more modern version, or can even have a local band play it live for big events like Banjo bowl, home season opener, playoff game.

Actually when you think about it having a house band at every home game is a kind of a neat idea.

never walk alone Bombers and Bomber fans never walk alone

Thanks for sharing Wolverine....very nice....still like never walk alone as the song relates to see team as extension of themselves...just my 2 cents but appreciate you adding the song it should be played prior to bomber games!!!