Song for BC fans!

Sung to the tune of Hey Jude by the Beatles

Old Dave
is not afraid
hell run head 1st
into to a Mack truck
his noggin's
not operating full tilt
and his body is not built
for football contact

Old dave,
remember to let it all hang out
and let out a shout
when you get injured

Hey Dave
your'e not afraid
take a bad snap
and make some yardage
remember you don't speak french
when your'e taken to the bench
in front of CBC cameras

and let it all hang out
when you let out a shout
when you see Casey on the sideline!!

Old Dave
in orange and black
please don't run forwards
or turn your back
your already 35
so take a dive
when they blitz the house
in winterpeg stadium

Dive, dive dive dive dive dive dive, dive dive dive dive
old dave
Dive, dive dive dive dive dive dive, dive dive dive
Old Dave

starved for attention are we.

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so much for being the graceful loser u pretended to be here:

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lighten up a little pal, it is grey cup week. I said DD has great courage but is dumb dumb dumb to run head first into defensive players. And, remember the old saying, " a little nonsense now and then is relished by most every man!"
Lighten up pal- I'm hoping for the Leos as a westerner but think it will be tough outdoors in cold, frigid slippery conditions. I hope it is a great game for all of us who love the CFL. but c'mon it is grey cup week - we got to dish out a little fire to keep people on their toes.


I dont know about that Turkey

Matt Dunigan never slid, why? He figured he was going to get hit anyways so he might as well give some back!

Dunigan also has a little more bulk on him than Dave has.....

What wrong with a QB laying it all out for his team. You don't think that the O-Line saw that? They were ready to lay it all out for him after that. No Riders touched him all day! Give me courage and heart any day, besides the Lion's and their fans have no fear of Buck Pierce taking over. He is little DD they way he carries himself and the way he plays. Casey stay in the stands, you are a great athlete with great mobility but you cannot look anybody off if your life depended on it (See last play of 2005 West final, Brutal)

Go DD Go

Still criticizing DD after demolishing your Riders? I could start an entire page rant on how your D-Line never touched DD once. Nate Davis dominating, LOL.

dunigan is also the one who can barely linked five words in a row now due to his excessive concussions. I love the effort he gave but your health is still important. if it wasn't for the concussions dunnigan could have been dominant for many more years.

Nice song, Turkey!

Anyway, I don't think anyone has ever questioned Dave Dickenson's courage, just his common sense.
But the running plays he made at the end of the first quarter, start of the second that led to a BC TD was the turning point in the game.
If the Riders sack him there, we start to take the crowd out of it.
Instead, nothing gets the crowd going like a great individual effort like that.
Plus he sent the message that he was on a mission.
And his team played hard the rest of the way for him.

Dickenson was the difference without question in that game.
The fact that we never sacked him was not because of your o-line, as they are still the one glaring weakness on your team, but because Dickenson made his reads and got rid of the ball.
And when he couldn't find a receiver, he was able to run for yardage.
Perhaps it bears repeating, and all the Buck Pierce fans take note--Dave Dickenson is the best QB in the league and he played like it on Sunday.
Now we get the battle of the two biggest play-off underachievers in the league the last few years, Montreal and BC. Both teams have been at the top of their respective divisions for the last few years but only a lone modest Cup for Montreal, and none for BC.
One of them will end the "choke" label on Sunday.

Go Lions!

Arius , gotta beg to differ on your comment about our O-line. They were the reason along with Dave for the way the game went. Zero sacks 171 rushing yards and DD had all the time he needed , how can you call that a glaring weakness? Those rushing yards came late too when the Riders knew BC was going to run the ball and huge holes were opened all game long by them anyway . Compare that to the 5 sacks given up by that supposed great Rider O-line .And only 65 yeads rushing of which KK only got 19 .DD credited the O-line for the game and O-line coach Dorazio got the game ball.

with all due respect roarlionsroar, Dickenson is courageous but dumb!!! I persoally like DD and he is great for the CFL and that is precisely why I want him to stop running head first into defenders. He does not need another concussion and the league does not need to lose a quality qb and man like DD. For what, showing he is tough. Wrong it would show he is STUPID!! Cmon Dave, you have already proven yourself, slide into first feet first PLEASE,NOT HEAD FIRST!!
Go West Go!!!!

wow, what a loser.

Hey, your o-line played a good game. I am not disputing that.
But it is still the biggest weakness on your team.
Or are you saying you have no weaknesses? Or that another area of the team is weaker?
Your o-line was mediocre at best all year. You can look it up.
But when DD is playing the way he was Sunday, the line can shine.
We did have pressure on Dave. He was running for his life on those running plays on the first TD drive.
And lots of times a guy was right in his face when he was throwing.
But if a guy delivers the ball accurately and on time despite the pressure, no d-line can counter that.
Credit your receivers for getting open and making some fantastic catches and credit DD for getting the ball away in 2 steps or less than 2 seconds.
And factor in the time of possession in the first half which was 22-8 and you can pretty much explain the Smith rushing totals late in the game.
And of course DD congratulated his line.
It was likely one of their best games of the year. Was he going to go all Peyton Manning on them when they play well and win?
It still does not add up to your o-line being the strength of your team.
Because it isn't!!!

The fact that our O-Line isn't our 'strength', even though they allowed 0 sacks against the Riders last Sunday, is a testament to how strong our entire team is as a whole.

Your team is very strong.
But I'll stand by my belief that in ranking o-lines, 1-8, you are maybe number 5 in the league.
So ahead of both Edmonton and Hamilton.

Be proud of the fact you gave up 0 sacks on Sunday. But be realistic in recognizing you gave up, on average, over 3 sacks a game, worst in the league, all year.
You have the best QB, the best receiving corp and are solid at RB. And still gave up all those sacks.
Explain it to me?
And don't start by claiming its because DD is a pocket passer. Running QBs actually almost always get sacked more often than guys like DD.

So again, kudos to the BC line for playing really well in one game all year. But the reality check says, they played over their heads.
Nothing wrong with that at play-off time!!

You call it lucky, I call it good. Whatever it is, we got the job done this year enough to finish with the best record in the league, and be in the Grey Cup. If we can get by the Riders D like we did on Sunday, we might very well be OK for the Grey Cup. DD playing in front of a confident O-line should be a scary thought for the Alouettes.