song dedicated to Paul McCallum

(Sung to willie nelson's 'to all the girls I've loved before'

To all the balls I've kicked before
and those I shanked and should have said 'fore'
I dedicate this song
to all the balls I've kicked before

To all the balls I once caressed
and may I say I shanked the best
for missing with my toe
wins racked up by my foes
to all the balls I've kicked before

To all the balls I kicked before
then missing causing all those roars
I sing this stupid song
for kicks short and wrong
for all the balls I've kicked before

and now I am a pussycat
they think my leg is really back
I sing this so sad song
because they are so wrong
just ask the balls I've kicked before!!!!!!!!!!

Riders rule
Leos drool

how come you cannot type in p-u-s-s-y cat as an acronym for the BC Lions. Is this offensive???????????? Jeesh what next censoring cheerios along with steriods?

haha, nice song turkey.

...GOOD ONE TURK.....maybe you could send a copy of that to o'missy....might cheer him up...on second thought... in his frame of mind it could prove to be... well never mind. :? :roll:


You want a good song, try my WAY take off called "Winnipeg"

who is the worst kicking team in the CFL??

Rank order from worst to best:

  1. BC Lions
  2. Hamilton
  3. Winnipeg
  4. Saskatchewan
  5. Calgary
  6. Edmonton
  7. Montreal
  8. Toront0

' drop kick me through the goalposts of life sweet jesus'! - old country and western song

Good song Turkey...but, wouldn't it be ironic if Paul kicked the winning field goal and we beat you by 2 points next week?

Good riddance to a kicker that cost the Riders the playoffs on a 20 something yard kick. I hope you stink up the lions now, you heavy footed clown.

Because its one word not two

Heavy footed clown, you say? Sounds like he has a great career ahead of him with the Shriners.

what are you c*** your pants about Turk, Winnipeg has a great kicking game!