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Last year, a highly respected team member passed away with indications of OxyContin in his blood. The man`s name is Travis Clairidge, number 57. The team wore his number on their helmets last year.

This article;
is about a class-action lawsuit against the pharmecutical company alleging "downplayed the addictive qualities of the drug."

I am NOT suggesting that Travis was addicted to the drug. What I am trying to point out, is that medication as powerful as OxyContin should only be taken under the express orders of your doctor.

RIP Travis

So True...good find!

sigpig, usually, I think that disclaimers such as your last full paragraph are proof that we have too many lawyers.... but thank you for giving us those points of view.

yup ive seen first hand death from oxy's and they came from the mixture of cocaine and crushed up oxys that were inhaled at the end of the night that mixture gives an effect much like the speed ball chris farely died from. i dont think people realize how addicting and powerful it is since it is a prescription drug. but ud have to start to think when they do call it hillbilly heroin the powers it can have. its becomin quite the common drug used these days