Sometimes the victim is to blame

I really hope this girl is ok, but sheesh, the utter stupidity of standing so close to the field with your back turned while a play is going on. It just boggles my mind

girl on sideline gets destroyed... - YouTube

That was harsh. It should also be on the minds of the other people close by to remind her to stay alert. Or she may have turned around just before it happened.

I see an accident like a ball or puck in the stands .

I don't see a victim of anyone's intent .

Security and police also turns their backs to watch the stands .

Some camera operators and sound techs cannot get out of the way in time .

you mention two different scenerios. Most people who have their backs turned are usually much further away from the field. Most tech people are facing the field when they are closer. I still wonder some times why they just stay there when they can see the play is coming at them. Anything to get the best shot I guess

Use of the word victim was not meant literally.

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