Sometimes I want to just turn on the whole human race

this along with irresponsible discarding of lit cigs just make me see red.

Why do so many people just not get it, or not care?

It’s unfortunate but with camp fires though there can be a lack of experience involved. Just because you pour a bucket of water on a fire and the flames go out doesn’t mean they won’t reignite if the coals aren’t cooled down. The cigarettes are inexcusable.

Simple stupidity probably.


I have a different question… why do so many old guys rely on MSN for news?

You’re not on your way to Walmart or anything are you? You seem a little tense.

Much to my annoyance MSN articles just pop up unbidden on my machine.


I dont get your connection to “old people”. Have you done research on this assumption?

As for me. I still read the daily newspaper and watch tv news. Guess that shows my age.

As for MSN, it came as a defaultnew tabpage with my computer and I never bothered to change it.

What else should I “rely on” ?

well yeah, more than a little tense in fact. Human cause wildfires enrage me. Specially here in BC.

Don’t see how going to Walmart would help anything tho

I’m an old guy also, so I’m certainly not against us. I have just noticed a trend here over the years where admittedly older posters that post anything news related often use MSN as their source.

I prefer to rely on Canadian news organizations for my news (on TV or online) - not American software companies.

Precisely! Some of us haven’t learned how to eliminate/change the defaults.

Me I’m pretty skilled at navigating through the posting idiosyncracies of various different discussion forums, but by no means am I a computer whiz in any other way.


Walmart is actually one of the things thatmakes me want to turn against the whole human race.


I am more a McDonalds hater . :slight_smile:

Walmart takes back stuff Mickey dees just makes you bring up stuff .