Somethings wrong, and its starting to stink.

Its getting real close to the all or nothing season, and we still havent figured out how to review the play. Before you get your insults ready, i give Winnipeg all the credit for a well deserver win BUT how did that ref blow the Stegal catch???? Like seriously, it was BLATANT!!!!!

Black its time to take it upstairs before it costs someone their year!!!!!

Now flame away.

I agree with you Eskylo, that was a brutal call, it was very clear that he dropped the ball. The officiating and video review needs a serious overhaul after this season is over. The CFL needs to hire video review officials that can look at a play from every possible angle, and the enhancements. Its the only way video review is going to work.

Yup...though Im glad we have it, the fieldside box just isnt working...I think the two black hats should have to reveiw it and come to a concensus decision. Or if we can afford it, special reveiw officials in the press boxes.


I seriously hope it happens before the seasons over. It has to happen NOW.

  1. Is the screen clear enough?
  2. Is it large enough?
  3. Are they getting all the angles available?
  4. Do they need more time?
  5. Would they like a second opinion from perhaps a senior official who has retired, who could be in a replay booth upstairs??

Black get off your @ss and fix it!

An off field official, even one that is not on site, making use of all available technology is a great idea.

You could even allow the off field official to correct errors in the way calls are made.

The off field official could have a rule book open in front of him.

Exactly! i said in another post ...missed calls under review work both ways....i would say that call was less serious than the one the Bombers got jobbed on in the last game the stamps/Bombers played...and that was a fumble by Willie Foster that wasn't...videos clearly showed he was down before the ball came out....and that call was more of a serious error at that point in the game...still would like to see that enhancement used...maybe that would make things a little more clearer... 8)

Yes all teams have been affected by the video review, but NO team has been burned more by the video review than the Hamilton Tiger-cats.

It has cost them several games this season. Recent games against Montreal, Winnipeg come to mind.

This cant be swept under the rug any longer, its broken and needs fixing.


Mr Black put all that fine money to use, and lets get some upstairs assistance.

I agree wholeheartidly! Can you visualize the Grey Cup, and this happening. They had better improve the technology used for review, to gain back any respect from the CFL fans.
On a side note: does anyone know why the Als player was ejected from the game. I watched on my tape many times. No to why? I do think, that coaches of the player been ejected should be given an immediate reason. Not sure that happened today.

But as so many others on this forum have stated before there is nothing the CFL can do to improve its officiating. <<<sarcastically stated on my part

I agree. I have even thrown that suggestion in the air before. Why not? Have an official upstairs that gets the true eagle eye on everything and gets the use of technology. We won't even need the Coaches challening that way.

uh oh...

What about something similar to the NHL. Where they have officials in Toronto who watch the games, and when there is a challenge it is the refs who are reveiw specialists that make that call. Like someone said they will have the rule book right there, and take the proper ammount of time to figure it out. It seems like the networks do a better job of breaking down the various situations that arrise than the league does.

If its under 3 min the reveiw officials could call in a reveiw to a guy similar to the guy that receives calls to pause the games for a comercial break.

I think that would work better than the current situation.

Don't wanna start the NFL comparisons, but honestly, how do they do it on the other side of the border? I haven't noticed a real problem with botched review calls in the NFL. If they can get it right most of the time, why can't the CFL?

Honestly at most in 1 week in the CFL you play 4 games. Have 4 plus one sub who specializes in replay and have him upstairs at every game. You can't compare the CFL to the NFL because they have a lot more camera angles. But it seems that there is a different interpretation of the rule every game. So if you have 4 guys who specialize in just that department i think it will help out a lot.

How true! Milt Stegal's "TD"..was a Bang-Bang, and did not have control of the ball when he hit the ground. Other games this year..this was an incompletion...even at times challenged. However it was always an incompletion. Friday nights game is a perfect example of your statement.

They have a hell of alot more camera angles so in order to get video replay to work, the league would have to spend a whole lot more money that it doesn't have to get more cameras at each game. We all know that's not going to happen. Just go back to relying on the refs to call the game as before and ditch video replay challenges as it wouldn't make any real difference, still would be some blown calls but wouldn't waste money or game time.