somethings missing?


Player of the week?

Game roster depth chart on main site, as opposed to having to go the each team site?

There wasn’t enough interest in QUAR to continue with it. Top Performers should be on the home page of per usual. I don’t know much about the depth chart situation though I really want to move away from PDFs and have that properly in a database one day…

Disappointed about the QUAR. It was much more accurate a rating than passer efficiency rating.

Can’t seem to find the top performers ???

Looking forward to the database thingy :slight_smile:

so a search leads me to the following, among others.

cant find the link on though

Darn senility.

I finally found and remembered the same thing I found and forgot from last year.

That is that the Depth charts are under game notes in game tracker.

I was sure that they used to be added to the schedule info.


Amazing that one has to search that hard for players of the week.

I’d noticed QUAR was dead as well…i don’t get it. Not enough interest? Shouldn’t it spit out of the data base and really be nothing to show?

What is/was that exactly?


Whatever it was, I didn’t use it when making my Fantasy picks. I try to avoid the old paralysis by analysis thing.