Something to think about for the Riders

Well I guess my question is how often is Taylor Feild used when the Riders are not using it?

I know its never going to happen a stadium in Davidson or Saskatoon but in Davidson access to and from stadium should not be a problem like Regina.

2 really guys think about this if they built a stadium in Saskatoon gee 5500 season tickets, let me tell you Saskatoon and northern saskatchewan couldfill a 55,000 seat stadium alone.

Trust me we dont love the drive. thats one long day to go see a game.
Even if they build a new stadium in Regina and give it some access if its 45000 seats lots of people up here will be getting season tickets if I could get good seats ill be buying 4 right now

I don't think Davidson has the means for the Stadium either. However I support the idea, it would make the drive very short. I work across the street from the Coffee Pot, I can even see it from here!

It's used for nearly every high school football game, every Rams game, and some Minor league football games, and possibly the Prairie Thunder games.

It get's some good use. Not any during the winter though.

Regina is the spot that makes the most sense. Has the fan base established right in the city and has the infrastructure. Gotta remember cities like Weyburn, Yorkton, Estevan, Swift Current, Moose Jaw are all in South Sask and close to Regina.