Something to think about for the Riders

Although it will never happen, just the thought of building a stadium at the mid way point between Regina and Saskatoon to please both cities would be a interesting thought.
In my opinion it would have several pro’s and con’s but it would be interesting none the less.
Remember people, this is just a thought so do not bash me,lol

do they need a new stadium???

I'm not sure that's a good idea. They need to be close to their season ticket holders, most of whom live in and around Regina.

They need a better stadium for sure. Particularly one that can be expanded to 40k+ if needed, and preferably one with a removable lid. They'll see a lot more GC's if they do that. If they build it right they won't need another one for many generations.

Are they obligated to sell a certain amount of tickets to saskatoon? Similar to greenbay and milwalkie?

No way. It should be built here.

When you think about it though, how far is the midway point from Saskatoon and Regina?
There seems to also be a lot of small towns in between even though they are small.
I agree that the stadium should be in Regina but at the same time, if it was on the outside of Regina it may attract a larger number of additional fans to the games and a extra 10000 fans would not hurt.

I didnt think the riders were hurting for fans in the seats. They sure help fill up all the other stadiums in the league

you could put the stadium in Stoughton and they would still sell it out - every game.......

:rockin: We can't convince the governments to build a stadium in the province's capital, so instead, let's build one in Davidson, SK. That'll really speed up this process.

Bad idea... even though there are a few fans from Saskatoon , even PA... the majority are from Regina. I know a quite a few from Moose Jaw make the trek to Regina to go to games, especially since its about a 45 minute drive to get there, and make a day out of it.

So of the 30,000 or so fans that go to the games how many would you say come from toon town and the jaw?

...and I'm sure the town of Davidson has the adequate water/power/gas infrastructure to support a 40,000 seat stadium, as well as annciliary support functions like restaurants/gas/security services, etc......let alone the desire to play host to such a monstrosity of a structure in their quiet little hamlet....

...then again, they are not totally unfamiliar with structural monstrosities:

just noticing the picture, if water were to really come out of that pot, it would miss the cup! :wink:

Lol. Where did you find that photo?

Well, im sure the people who live in Davidson would love it... But I think a lot of people travel to Regina to see the game, what about hotels? Particularily for the years they host the Grey Cup.. It needs to be in Regina.

Thought I heard 5,500 season tickets in Saskatoon and then another 1,000 or so game by game.

I used to be one of the people that drove from Saskatoon for every game. Did the trek for 3 years straight without missing a game. I doubt it's anymore than 5,500, that itself might be a bit on the high side, but it's enough that it matters.

A stadium in the middle of nowhere (no offense to anyone who lives in Davidson) doesn't make sense at all. There's other things that need to accompany a stadium which has been mentioned already. You need restaurants, gas stations, hotels, etc to make it work. It wouldn't be financially viable for those to sit empty most of the time, especially when the stadium if it's outdoor is used about 12 times a year for big events at most.

It is to bad Toon Town and Regina are not closer together.
For people with cars I think it would work and they would get a heap of bus shuttles to and from each game like they have for casino's that are out of town.
As for it sitting dead and empty in Davidson when there is no football game, how is that any different than it sitting dead and empty in Regina when there is no CFL game happening?

dont they know what soccer is in regina?

I guess a few in BC don’t know what tact is… :roll: