Something to see before the Season starts

With the season starting right around the corner, might I suggest you go to this site and check it out. Most of you will find it very interesting.

I would like to get some feed-back, if you wouldn’t mind.


:) [/url]

If you are into betting, I suppose its okay. Remember, these guys are around to MAKE money not give it away. :wink:

You have really got to go in and look around to appreciate what it is about. It is not a betting site, and well, you would need to go and see it to know what the response to the second part would be. Give it a look see. Then tell me what you think. It doen't cost anything to look. If your into fantasy sports, this will blow you away.

Where I come from this is called spam!

Good enough. Thanks.

what? I chinked on it and all I got was a Page URL not found!

server is down or something. working on it. thanks for looking.


spam a lama ding dong!

[b]Page URL Not Found!!

The requested page does not exist on this server. The URL you typed or followed is either outdated or inaccurate[/b]

This is just like the ti-cat cheerleader post. Its just not worth clicking on, and cant believe that some of you will actually go to this site. Oh well, its your money you are throwing away.

Well, at least the Ticats Cheerleaders post was featuring the opportunity to meet CFL cheerleaders. This is just unsollicited advertisement.

thanks for the replys.
sorry no cheerleaders.
iit can slowly make it's way down the list.

where is that cheerleader post anyway???

This is the wrong place to spam! Nice try but no takers!