something to ponder.......

..with all of the crap ...especially invloving players like Armstrong and Simpson...were they just total negatives on this team....It makes you wonder now that were rid of the dead-weight and our 'little bit' of recent success...were these guys causing disruption on the club??????I know young guys and new players are very impressionable and they look to vets. for support and positive feedback....IF they were getting the can see why the Bombers were stumbling out of the gate...Add to that a new coaching team and it was a receipe for disaster...I watch the 'underneath' stuff in a game and on the bench...I see a coach in Mike Kelly....despite all of his flaws...liked and respected by the players we have now....There's a good feeling coming off of that bench....just watch closely and you'll pick it up....Edwards...Doug Brown....and yes....Bishop with their unselfish first attitude is the way to go....The only way is up for the BigBlue...and i believe they've found the road...GOBIGBLUE :thup: :rockin:

the way these guys are rallying around each other especially after the crazy year this team has had is pretty amazing to see.. just look at the dbs after a pick, or the receivers after a td... these guys are pumped to be playing better football and really seem to be together as a team right now win or lose... maybe your right papa, maybe the right players are left here now...

hopefully with the distractions aside we can keep winning football games

I still don't think there's any question that releasing Armstrong was the right thing to do. As far as Simpson goes, I didn't like what they did at first, but it's tough to argue with the results. It looks like they're together as a team, for sure, which is great to see.

Maybe it's a case of addition by subtraction. . . and you have to admit, Lobendahn's been playing really, really well at MLB.

I was listening to the post game report and Ralph said something along the lines of a getting rid of a Negative player and having meetings really help lift the team i immediatly thought he was refering to Romby but Simpson was also not allowed to show up to practices just before the trade too so i think your right papa

Yup, I think when Brown or whoever it was that snapped about Simpson being around the team, then shipping out Bryant & Franklin, things started to turn around.

You really have to wonder how much a guy like Romby Bryant was affecting the team. Two wins in a row since he was traded is another one of those things that make you hmmm (I'm dating myself with that reference aren't I :lol: ).

I posted at the Bombers forum jokingly that maybe we should send a thank you card to Belli for bringing out Bishop's leadership skills. He sure has stepped up and claimed ownership of the team these past two weeks.

I think Bryant might be the biggest reason, honestly.. the receivers look like they're playing with a lot more effort since he left.. not to mention the guy who replaced him in the starting line-up has almost as many receiving yards in two games..

I think things turned around when Matsakis listened to Bishop. Bishop's comments about the offense and him and Kelly having an honnest discussion in spite of the denials is when this team started to turn the corner. The rest came along with the winning...

When was it denied that discussions had occurred? The only thing denied that I can recall was a report that Bishop and Kelly had a shouting match.

To some of us, Raising voices , Shouting match, Argument, Words are all pretty much the same thing. Its ok that they denied it... professional way to go.

I don't see how honest discussion equals shouting match.

You really shouldn't be so much stock into reports using unnamed sources. :wink:

LOL...awww but then what would HFXTC do???

The receivers have indicated the negativity is gone, the coachs have talked about the receivers having more energy in practice...we all saw the 'effort' Romby was putting in...Maybe they did need to get rid of some ME FIRST players...

Perhaps thats it. I recall reading just after the signing of the latest QB of the future <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> Santos . Bishop said they, the other team was laughing at us, they knew what we where going to do before we did it. Santos said this is Bishops team and Bishop replied something like, I am not the guy. So we had a confidence problem with the QB, because he is reading stuff about himself in the paper. You can not do much under those circumstances!

So anyway, sounds like Bish and Kelly had a chat. The latest talking point is that Bishop has taken ownership, Kelly said it a few days ago and Dunigan said it yesterday.

BTW My favorite new Bomber is Bishop :smiley:

lol....I figured! :thup: He might end up being mine if he keeps playing so well.