Something to do in the off season!

I know it's not football but here's a great way to pass the time until June.

Canada's National sport...lacrosse is starting up on Jan 10th.
Been a season ticket holder for 5 years and have neve had a boring game.
The Toronto Rock have their home opener on Jan 10th at 7:00 pm at the ACC.
They are playing the Buffalo's going to be a great game.
For tickets go to...

Let me know if you are coming we always have a pregame party at my condo's party room on the 24th floor. Ticats fans welcome!!!

Bob, you really should buy a team for

If I am not mistaken, the Rock used to be the Ontario Raiders who used to play at Copps Colliseum. They moved to Toronto with new owners due to lack of support from Hamilton.

I agree with you though, I have been to a few Rock games over the past few years and they are exciting start to finish.

In the off season I like to renew my season seats for ONLY $76!!!. Thanks for not making the playoffs. please try harder this year!

It's game day!!!