Something to consider

We were so bad this year, that the only team we didn't gift a winning or even season was Edmonton. If we had lost those two games to Edmonton, they would have ended up 9-9 and Hamilton would have been the only team in the league with a losing record.

Now, that's parity! Or is that parody?

BTW, another thing I noticed, was a very good looking Argonaut cheerleader featured on the CFL site. I clicked on her stats, and noticed that she was born in Hamilton, went to school in Hamilton, and is an ARGO cheerleader? Does she LIVE in Hamilton too? Sounds like another Leslie Stewart. Sigh!

On a positive note, I am glad to see that the team is now officially sponsoring a presence at the Grey Cup. I was embarrassed in the past when there was no Hamilton hospitality suite.......even when the Grey Cup was in HAMILTON! The volunteer group that did the Tiger's Lair was GREAT, but I am glad that the team has something OFFICIAL to offer Grey Cup attendees. Speaking of, I am seriously thinking of flying into Toronto next year for the big game for the weekend. If I can get a couple of days off work, that would be awesome. I just have to think of an excuse. Ummmmm, I want to fly to Toronto to see a football game? Naw....too outrageous! :wink:

Agreed, Willy. You'd have no luck with the story about attending a football game.
BUT, why not say you've been invited to attend the opening bouts of the Canadian Sumo Competition?
If that works, add that you've been asked to kindly bring along a few geisha.

Say it is a family reunion. :wink:

Just a little white lie.