something the panel didnt mention

another area the argos have improved in, IMO, is speed. I like those fast guys. Remind me of myself once upon a time :wink:

My uncle used to have a shirt that read, "The older I get, the better I was." :lol:

:lol: That's a pretty funny shirt.

Excellent piece on Cory Boyd, very well done by Duane Ford. I'm liking him more and more.

I'm surprised Climie was able to do the show, as president of the Calvillo fan club he must be busy these days. :lol:

I like Duane Ford. He does a good job with the draft and has an enthusiasm for the CFL. I'm not missing Rod Black. Gord Miller's done a good job with the play by play IMO and would be even better if he called games more regularly. And he seems to have more to talk about during the game than the same 2 talking points.

I think miller has done an amazing job. Doesn't repeat all the time and doesn't play favorites. Knows what's going on. Also you might disagree with me but I thought the officiating was really good tonight. Except for the spitting call maybe. But I didn't have a good shot of it on tv.

The official was standing between the two players and the replay was a wide angle shot that showed most of the field. I think the official had a better view of it than anything they could have shown on TV. :lol: I think the officials did a pretty good job tonight too.

I like Gord Miller too. He did repeat a couple of things two or three times (like how many FGs Shaw and DeAngelis have missed this season) and there were a couple of instances where he wasn’t up on the rules (ie no team challenges in the last 3 minutes only being in the 4th quarter - seems a number of people don’t realize that though - at one time me included) but overall I like him better than Rod Black by a wide margin.

I wasn't a fan of him talking over penalty calls, but he only did it a couple times...I'll take that over Black calling the game any day...

Hey, even Jim Barker didn't know that you can't challenge the spot of the ball on 2nd down!