something the caretaker should look at

Bob, I thought of a way to pull in a little more coin for franchise. Why not sell paperbags to the fans at the gates upon entering the stadium. They could put them over their heads while watching the game and while leaving the stadium. If they're able to keep them for the next game they could enter the stadium wearing them. As long as it doesn't rain they'll probably last all season. :lol: :lol: :lol:

anyways I'll still buy my 3 season tickets for next year....I got faith in you.....hopefully I won't have to keep the bags for next season though. :lol: :lol:

The heck with wearing them. After watching a game like that...most people would be vomiting into the bags.


I am definately wearing a paper bag next game. I encourage everyone to wear one. We need to stop playing zone coverage and we need to start playing our weapons (DJ flick, Vaughn, Ralph Radelin, etc.) more. Until that happens, the bag stays.

Hey Wallace,

Just don't be wearing the bag after you vomit in it. Me thinks you'll probably have to get a new for the next game. Maybe pick yourself up a couple at the gate, one to get sick in and you'll need one when you leave the stadium.

Hopefully we'll never see another game like that.....that was obscene! :thdn:

I got faith in the caretaker.....he'll take care of time. :cowboy:

that would look pretty good,28,000 fans with paper bags on their heads.Lets do it.

I'm using a plastic bag next game and tie it tight. That will ease my suffering over these past few seasons.

I guess they could sell the paper and the plastic bags. If you're tempted buying the plastic ones though, I think maybe start your anti-depressants a few days before the game.....suicide is rampant today.