something that's bugging me

I thought of this the other night and can't get it out of my mind. I'm hoping the keen fottball minds on this forum can answer.
If a quarteback is being pressured, takes off and runs out of bounds behind the line of scrimmage, is that a sack?

I would answer no. That would be the same thing as a ball carrier being stuffed behind the line of scrimmage; merely a loss of yeards. A QB "sack" properly so-called would be when the QB is being pressured by D linemen, DBs/MLB/DC...etc. and is thrown for a loss behind the line of scrimmage. This could be accomplished by being tackled or by being held up and not being able to proceed. That, at least, is my take on it.

You don't see it very often because if a QB has the time to reach the sideline with his feet, he will likely throw it out of bounds. Unfortunately the CFL encourages QB's to cheat by dumping the ball.

No it is not a sack but the result to the offense would be identical in terms of field position.

Actually it is a sack

A quarterback sack is awarded to a Team B player whenever the Team A quarterback
is in possession of the ball behind the line of scrimmage and:
(i) Is tackled for a loss of yards by a Team B player or,
(ii) Is forced out of bounds behind the line of scrimmage to avoid imminent contact
with a Team B player or,
(iii) Is forced by a Team B player to fumble the football and the play concludes with
a turnover or loss of yards.


It is not a quarterback sack but a rushing loss if:
(i) The quarterback voluntarily steps out of bounds behind the line of scrimmage
without being threatened by imminent contact with an opponent

So the defender has to have his mitts on the QB...

I dont see where you are getting that

Well that's the only way they would ever call it... Just like they refuse to call all those passes thrown in the stands and with no receiver in site. All these rules that are left up to official's discretion shoudl be eliminated IMO. If you want that rule to work, imminent has to come out.

We complain about officiating but one of the main problems is there is way to much grey area in CFL rules

Whether the QB goes out of bounds voluntarily, becuase he is forced out of bounds, fumbels the ball, throws it in the stands to avoid a loss of yards or is sacked, properly so-called, I hope the Als D force opposing QBs to do ALL OF THE ABOVE!!! Go Als go!!!

OK I see what you are getting at.

The only thing is that the refs dont decide the stats,
Its the statistician who would decide whether or not the QB was forced out or went out voluntarily.

In those cases where the Qb throws the ball into the stands.
There does not need to be a reciever in sight, as long as the ball passes the LOS, it is not intentional grounding. If it does not pass the LOS then there must be an eligable reciever within 5 yards

I never liked that rule change