Something That Sickens ME!!!

I've been reading lots of comments posted on the forum as well as many other comments on this forums as well. :frowning: I'm saddened by the negativity of the people of canada how they put the CFL down!!! Why? I know the league is not perfect, but you must admit for a league that has only 8 teams, mediocre attendence at games and fickle fans; it sure does quiet well and has survived for almost a century. I wish canadians would respect the CFL and show appreciation for what it is and what it could be if it was supported way better. I mean if anything i think people that bad mouth the CFL are anti-canadian. It's part of our culture, it's a piece of our history. Come on Canada support the CFL!!!

How would Ghandi have approached this problem?

He would have said something wise probably... lol

Well 4.1 million viewers can't be wrong.How many people in Canada watched the Neandertal Flatulence League on Sunday?? 25?? :lol: