Something Stupid

It was the title of a hit song duet in 1967 by Nancy Sinatra and her father, Frank: (and, please do "skip the ad")

Today, it's Kirk Penton's "CFL Blitz Power Rankings" in the Sun Media papers:
Prior to the final weekend of nothing games, Penton's rankings -- CAL, SSK, TOR, HAM, MTL,BC, WPG, EDM.
NOW, 1 thru 3 remain the same, MTL jumps from 5 to 4, BC from 6 to 5, EDM & WPG change places and HAM, after hammering WPG with 12 starters scratched, and winning 4 of their last 5, drops from 4 to 6. ??????????
Were his rankings of the previous week, or this week, the wacky ones?

Sorry, I can't find a link to the article.

Title of your thread ... "Something Stupid" ... followed by Kirk Penton ... That's all I needed to know.

Not only did he drop us from 4th ranked down to 6th,but also stated the Cats were the longest shot to win the Cup and also predicted that Mtl will beat us by 3 in the Semis......correct me If I'm wrong but doesn't this guy write and cover the B.Bombers in the regular season???? :stuck_out_tongue: :roll: :twisted:

Forget Toronto Sun, go to the source:

According to the CFL, the top 4 teams are unchanged the last 3 weeks. Hamilton is fourth.

What he said. Perhaps the only CFL scribe worse than him is Malcolm Kelly of the CBC. The guy is an unabashed Argos homer who HATES the Cats. Normally that doesn't bother me, but he's supposed to be an objective observer and he cant help but let his disdain for the Cats seep into his writing.

EAT "EM" RAW!!!!! STUPID IS AS STUPID WRITES!!!! Penton :thdn: :twisted: Kelly :thdn: :twisted: