Something shaping up?

Could it be? looking back to GC 2008, the Stamps beat Montreal in Montreal to win the GC. Could we be seeing an ironic twist shaping up. Maybe Montreal winning the GC in Calgary against Calgary?

I hope not, but if my Stamps are winners today I'll be a little more than intrigued.

One more week for that pay back. I can't wait hehe..

I’m pretty sure the Als want their payback against the Stampeders, for me I’d rather they shut up Roughrider fans :slight_smile:

Ya me too, but I rather not listen to another week of rider BS, and how they are going to go all the way, LOL. Have the stamps shut them up now

You sir are a model of efficiency :slight_smile:

Right now, the way they played this afternoon, the Als look like they could beat both Calgary and Regina at the same time !!! :lol:

Seriously tho...the western championship game is going to be a lot more closer than the blowout in Montreal and it will make for an interesting Grey Cup final no mather which team wins the West tonight.

Wow the refs want face time too it would appear

Hopefully rider fans are shut up this week by Hank and the stamps. I want a re-match of last year GREY Cup!!!

I really hope this isn't a penalty filled affair! Nothing ruins a game quicker. Besides it would be nice to actually see how the Sliders will do without penalty help.

Just stick to giving the ball to Joffery will ya!

J.R. is looking good so far.

Kind of funny. The exact same thing happened in the NHL... Well, maybe not the exact same thing because I think the Red Wings had home ice in both series... but the same two teams met, and Detroit won the first time, and Pittsburgh got revenge the second time.

I think it'd be kind of neat if it happened.

i am a true beleiver that a dynasty is good for the league. i know calgary and the als are not this, but IF they do meet, it has that feel. when edmonton had there 5 in a row... the league was at an all time high. i dont think that is just a fluke.

I think it helps build a good rivalry.

Youre correct. Also each team won on the other teams home ice.

That would be cool if it would happen this year in the CFL.

You know what... I think I'm going to switch allegiance and cheer for the Stamps (eewww!!!). The more I think about it, the more I want this to happen.

its been one of those odd years where the esk fans and stamps fan had to cheer for each others teams a few times. do it... come over to the side of good. leave the temptation of the dark side of the esks... its only for today... and maybe next week?

Nah. If we do get a re-match, I'll be cheering for the Als. :smiley:


Well, so much for this happening. It was a nice thought. :lol: