Something seems awry amongst Tiger-Cat fans

Lets let the pros including the office staff do thier job and let them get the job done! :wink:

That's right. People are much more willing to insult a stranger when they're hiding behind an anonymous web identity. I think safetyblitz has nailed it. Pretty insightful observation for a rotten, smelly coward.

(OK, that was my attempt at irony.)

One other thing: this is just a website, filled with anonymous opinions, like a million others out there. And like every other website of its type, a lot of the postings are of questionable merit. I think we all have to learn to let it go, or risk going crazy.

deerhunter....Didn't you once post as your own girlfriend on the other website? And now your an aboriginal? Just like Troy Westwood I guess. :roll:

Yeah, safetyblitz said it best. It's easy to knock someone's credibility or opinion when you're hiding behind an internet forum handle. He or she that you are insulting may be much larger or louder than you, but what's to stop you when all they know you about you is that you're sometimes known as "Ozzymaniac" or "LARPERthreethousand".

For instance, I could call ExPat a knucklehead. So I will. ExPat, you are a knucklehead. See? The worst that could happen is that this post is deleted, and MAYBE my account gets suspended. I don't have to deal with ExPat in any other way than a stream of text that they reply with that I can easily ignore. It doesn't make me any less of a Ticats fan, and it doesn't make ExPat any less of a Ticats fan. It's just the nature of an online forum. (For the record, I find ExPat's posts to be rather insightful, and in no way does their head resemble a knuckle)

I'm sure that if we win the next 5 Grey Cups the same phenomenon will continue on That will also mean that I made 3 wishes to a real genie, and not a street vagrant like my friends suggested! Next wish....Pecs!

The problem is that this forum is not really a good barometer of how people feel about one another because a) it is an anonymous (mostly) forum and b) only a small percentage of tiger-cats' fan base posts here (be it longtime or otherwise).

I do think you bring up a valuable point th--

Sorry, for a second I almost took this thread seriously.

This mudslingin is one of the main reasons i usually choose not to post here. Instead of hiding behind keyboards and witch hunting for ‘fake fans’, we should be talking about creating a fun and active fan experience for everyone. I’ve been a TC fan for the last 3 years and I too have noticed in the a drop in fan enthusiasm both on gameday and beyond. Yes, consecutive losing seasons make it hard to get excited about the team. It’s the nature of our society to identify ourselves with winers. Until the team turns around, we need to band together and help the team out, by promoting a grassroots fan base. I, for example, am throwing a season opener bbq at my house on Prospect and inviting about 10 people that don’t go to CFL games to come out and try it out for once. I’m hoping one or two will get hooked and i’ll have more friends to go with.
We need to show more unity guys. And we need to focus more on supporting the team.

Wise words deerhunter, but sadly they are falling on deaf ears. Some people live very negative lives and take pleasure in demeaning others. We should feel sorry for them and try to set an example, but alas they can get under your skin once in awhile. I do take offence when that negativity turns into attacks on other fans as that may turn people off a team that I support and care about. There’s nothing worse than the self-proclaimed football expert admonishing a new or fair weather fan. For our team and league to remain and even grow, we need to attract not repel.

Yo mama!

Dances With Usernames

While I agree that it is not good that other fans bash each other, you are being quite a hypocrite by telling him not to control others and them telling him what he should do.

Not trying to stir the pot but practice what you preach

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