Something seems awry amongst Tiger-Cat fans

Is it just me or is something missing amongst Tiger-Cat fans in recent years ?

There seems to be a dis-connect between fellow fans.

Where are the get-togethers such as the old Quarterback Club meetings at various taverns. Where are the Box-J-Boys recently? They seem so quiet now.

I've observed a lot of animosity between some fans on this website and it just doesn't go down well. It appears to me that some fans want to have fun but others admonish them for doing so or preach the "I'm a better fan than you are" stuff, or "I'm smarter that you" stuff. It's so stupid.

Football is only a game and should be, in Hamilton's case, a pastime which brings people together ---- not divide them.

I sense something different amongst fans now as compared to the 80's and 90's.

There is too much "one-upsmanship" going on between fans now and it's not good I think. Arrogance is probably the correct word.

Maybe fans should look for the common goal and be friends and not try to run each other into the ground ?

That's mainly because there are two kinds of fans this year. The fans that are optimistic and feel that this season's going to be a winning season and the pessimistic fans who keep busting balls and shooting down people's hopes in their wake.

No, that's not what I meant. It's not just this year. There is a deeper divisiveness that seems to have been building for a few years now. I've even seen the Box-J-Boys being criticized relentlessly. Can you imagine?

The relentless attacks on fans by other fans sucks the spirit out of things and takes it's toll I believe.

People wash their hands of it all after awhile and move onto other things.

I think the Ticats organization would do well to encourage grass-roots fan involvement again.

The people that seemed to be good at this were Christa Chamberlain, Mark Bowden and some others in the Cats Claws and Box-J-Boys and the Ticats Alumni Association. Does it not seem like they've all gone rather silent recently ? (I know the Cats Claws have the Wall of Honour Dinner coming up so that's one positive) But all in all, the grass-roots have to emerge again without the fear of ridicule.

Last year it got so bad we had people vowing boycotts and vowing never to support the team and then rooting for another .

I remember that, what pathetic excuses for Ticat fans, I truly hope they did switch to another team.

We all do cheesegod, we all do.
But they slink back and pretend it never happened. Worst still they expect to be taken seriously.

Every team has drought years, but they come out of it damn strong. The last few years we had we should get an 18-0 season :smiley:

We are not being pessimists. We all hope the Cats go 18-0 this year but it won't happen.

All the "optimists" have us winning 12 games and finishing second.

All of us "realists" are saying is just wait until the games are played. That's all.

There are some pessimists but I would say that they are more to the realist point of view. The Cats had so much promise in 06 and 07 and look where it got us. Even in 08 the majority thought that this was a good tteam and it wasn't.

I think the Cats have an 8-10 win team this year but it could easily be a 3-5 win season. I would be happy with 8 wins this year.

A realistic goal is a playoff game this year, and a home playoff game next year. That's all I am asking for.

On paper we look better than last year but it's just a piece of paper and the Grey Cup is won after 18 games and playoffs are played.

Some fans on here just won't listen to us so called "pessimists" but we are being more realistic.

Obie has made some good moves but we won't see how good they really are until the regular season.

We still have big ?s at dline. Again we are going with some American guys we have never heard of. I hope this year it works out.

So please, I am sick of looking at 50 threads with the same argument. I just want the games to be played.

I think the increase in internet usage over that timeframe is to blame. In the 80s and much of the 90s, most people who wanted to bitch and moan about the CFL didn't post their opinions online, which creates the opportunity for more dialogue among fans (much of it negative).

I think fans have more access to one another's opinions than in years gone by, and the downside is that many people have no reservation in posting opinions or snide remarks online that they'd fear getting punched in the mouth for saying to someone face to face.

But, there you go right?

You are a member of another website (link in your signature) that I've read does nothing but trash the team and it's fans.

And here you are, coming to Ticats.Ca and doing just that.

So how do you explain that? I take it that you and a few others hate this website? Why come here to upset it?

I too have seen you "Zontar" post here with nothing but disdain for other members. Why do you post here and why don't you just make life easier by staying on your own website?

This is a prime example of what I'm getting at. There is way too much animosity going on between fans and it hurts the Ticats organization over time.


I'm "trashing" the parasites who boycott, announce they are going to support another team and call the CFL "bush" etc. They are not "fans" either in the larger sense or economic sense.

They ought to be exposed and ridiculed and they derserve everything they get.

If you're uncomfortable with that then it says quite alot more about you than it does I.

How does that saying go? The more things change, the more they stay the same. I don't understand why you think things have really changed. Whether it's on the forum or as fan groups such as the Box J Boys.

One thing I can say is that your 'disappearance' recently might be exactly what you are trying to describe in others.

But you have very little positive to contribute to as far as I see. All you do is create disdain and animosity for some sort of perverted pleasure for yourself and a few others who are members of your other website.

I think it's pretty obvious to most members here by now.

I also think it's sad that a lot of people think they must walk on egg-shells around you a a few other members of your other website.

I think a good plan is for you and those other few troublemakers to stay on your other website and free up the people here to post on Ticats.Ca and have fun without interference from you and your friends.

All in all, I think you should back off and let people post as they will without your constant negative judgements.

And to swing things back into a positive mode, where the heck did the Box-J-Boys website go to?

That was a cool website!! It seems to have disappeared! :cry:

"alot" of people ? :roll:

The only people who would be nervous are exactly the ones I described.

And the whining about negativity is quite ironic since for those who can remember the first months of the launch of this site way back at the end of 03 was dominated by attacks on Ron Lancaster and his son. Not just his coaching but his personal integrity was questioned aswell.

So, really, these sad clowns I mentioned have always been here and dont seem to want to go away.

Nervous ! LOL! Your a flea on a Ticats cheeks :smiley: No matter how much swatting you take you keep claiming the moral high ground. In your own words you've been trying to "expose" and chase people away since 2003 and they are still here LOL!

Yeah real nervous. I'm laughing so hard I need a piss. :thup:

Don't flatter yourself HF you're not the type I was referring to.

Perhaps once you've finally figured out which team you actually support or pretend to support or whatever I'll address you as a TC fan

TC are my initials Halifax TC... Why does it bug you that I am a fan of two teams? What can I tell you. I was buying tickets with my paper route money to cheer Gerry Datillio. I remember the first football game I ever watched (74 Grey Cup) I was 4 and we had an old Black and White TV with Rabbit ears. Trying to figure out what the hell the numbers meant at the top of the screen.

I became a fan of the Ticats when I lived in the Horseshoe 1993 to 1995. There isn't a better place or a better crowd to watch a football game and when Bob bought the team and started pourring money in to the team and IW. I started following the team again.

I have special memories from both teams. It is what it is.

I have a feeling my loyalties will be very conflicted this year :rockin:

see Zontar ?

You’re trying to control other people. It’s not good.

Let other fans be who they are and mind your own business. You take the fun away from this website because people seem to fear your reaction to their opinions and thoughts.

What do you care who someone else supports? Why does it matter so much in your own life? You’re single handedly ruining the fun on this message board for a lot of people.

You should state your own opinions on an issue and leave others alone to state theirs. And that goes for a few of your friends also.

I know I’m not afraid to speak my own mind in spite of what you say.

Are there any regularly scheduled get-togethers of fans in the off-season? :slight_smile: